An Encounter with God is More Powerful than TikTok

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The influence of Tik Tok on America’s young people has become so pervasive that this past February I asked, “Is China Using TikTok to Control the Minds of Our Children?” As outrageous as that question may sound to some, I only raised it because others had already drawn attention to the disparity between Tik Tok in China and Tik Tok in America.

According to a Polish high school teacher, “there are no institutions -- not family, not Church, and certainly not the state -- more powerful in shaping the moral imaginations of the young than social media, especially TikTok.”

How, then, can this destructive influence be stopped?

What can be done to counter this onslaught?

We must help our children encounter God for themselves. We must introduce them to environments where the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully.

A real touch from God will have more influence on their lives than the most viral TikTok video. A moment in the holy presence of the Lord will bring more life transformation than years of social media brainwashing and indoctrination. The fire must fall afresh!

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