It’s September 24th and the World Didn’t Come to an End. Now What?

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Now that the latest date for the Second Coming and/or end of the world has come and gone, we need to ask ourselves some serious questions.

Why do we give any credence to these dates? Are we mistaking sensationalism for spirituality?

And how can we make long-term plans that will last for generations if we have an escapist, “we’re out of here any minute” mentality?

If our Founding Fathers thought like this, we wouldn’t have a Constitution. If our early educators thought like this, we wouldn’t have many of our greatest universities. If the opponents of slavery thought like this, that insidious evil might still be with us.

Yes, I want to see Jesus come in my lifetime.

But one thing I know: Every generation that set dates for His imminent return has been wrong so far.

Perhaps we can learn something from this?

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