The Perversion of the Clergy

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It is one thing for a Christian leader to come with a secret agenda, hiding his or her real intentions under the cover of orthodoxy and apparent orthopraxy.

It is another thing when a Christian leader, an ordained clergyman, a purported minister of the gospel, comes with an overtly perverse message.

But that is what we are seeing today, right in front of our eyes.

My Catholic colleague John Zmirak has documented his decades of disappointment with Catholic leaders on both the international and local levels.

He writes,

“These people had embraced the libertine spirit of the age. They’d accepted the most outrageous, destructive claims of liberal scripture scholarship, and secular psychology. And now we know that a fair percentage of them were practicing homosexuals, with a shockingly high number practicing on underage boys.

“These people took over the parishes our parents had built, and gutted their beauty. They hijacked the liturgies our ancestors had prayed, and dumbed them down with politics. They took our kids and taught them filthy lies, a “new gospel” of the kind St. Paul once warned against.”

As for the most senior leaders, including recent Popes and the current Pope, Zmirak’s criticism is just as withering.

Yet as scathing as this criticism is, rightly so, there is at least the realization that, on some level, a semblance of orthodoxy must still be presented. After all, clergy should be different.

That must be the message of the church today: “Come as you are and be changed by the gospel!” That is a far cry from Rev. Bingo Allison’s message, which is basically, “Come as you are and become queerer (or gayer) by the gospel!”

May the Lord have mercy and set His people free!

And may perversion and error be fully revealed by the brilliant light of God’s truth...

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