Where Intellect and Faith Meet: Can I Question My Beliefs?

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Is it healthy to question what you believe? Is it good to examine the sources of your faith?

Or is this a dangerous practice, a matter of opening up a Pandora’s box of doubts and questions, even to the point of giving place to the devil?

It all depends on the motivation of your heart and the types of questions you are asking.

If your intent is to mock, undermine, and destroy, likely you will not find the truth. You have already made up your mind, and you can easily find confirmation for your cynicism and scorn.

But if you have honest questions or serious doubts and if your intent is to get to the truth, whatever the cost or consequence, then asking these questions can be healthy indeed. Your heart and mind can be in harmony.

That said, allow me to offer some cautions. Pride is a very dangerous thing...

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