There are many fine resources from which ministry leaders can draw from today.  However, knowing how busy all of us in ministry are, it’s next to impossible to get regular, face-to-face time with seasoned leaders in the faith. (Even if time wasn’t a factor, the logistics of travel costs, accommodations, and other considerations would render such vitally important interactions few and far between.) 

Yet, hope is not lost!  Introducing Dr. Brown’s ONLINE Leadership Forum.

The focus of this unique, interactive, Leadership Forum is to share with leaders (and leaders in training) what Dr. Brown has learned in more than 40 years of ministry.

“What the Lord has given me, I can share with you, including lessons I learned personally from some real giants of the faith.” — Dr. Michael Brown

Each month, Dr. Brown will bring focus to a subject like: How to Be an Effective Voice; Navigating the Culture Wars; How to Handle Criticism; Finding Your Security in the Lord; True Grace vs. Hyper-Grace; The Danger of Leading a Double Life; and much more.

So much can be imparted in a short, focused, period of time! 

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW for this coming session ($89*) – and get ready with your questions, comments, and thoughts for this exclusive, interactive, online Leadership Forum!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those who have registered/paid for the session, yet are NOT able to participate live, for your convenience we’ll provide you access to the recording of it afterwards. (We don’t want ANY leader to miss out!)

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