Here you can listen to* and download** some of Dr. Brown’s powerful messages regarding Israel, for absolutely free! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support and we hope that you will be blessed and edified by these resources!

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A Baptism of Tears for Israel

A Loving Challenge to My Palestinian Christian Friends

All Israel Shall Be Saved (Version 1)

All Israel Shall Be Saved (Version 2)

Answering Objections to Yeshua

Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus (Passion for Truth Ministries)

God Still Keeps His Promises To Israel

Has the Church Replaced Israel?

Hosanna to the King of Israel

Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? Outreach Lecture

Isaiah 53, the Rabbis, and the Messiah

Israel and the End Time Revival

Revival, Salvation and the Jewish People

Stand With Israel

Why I’m Sure Israel Will Be Saved

Why Israels Salvation Matters

Why Israel’s Salvation Matters to You