False Prophecies and Deception Are Still Rampant

Posted May 03, 2021 by Staff

Dr. Brown demonstrates that false prophecies regarding the election still abound, also addressing some shocking, international attacks on religious liberties.


Michael, Both you and the “prophet” are in error. I think Rick Joyner has a point when he says that Trump won the election, but it was stolen because the conditions were not met i.e., many Christians prayed, some even humbled themselves, but virtually no-one turned from their wicked ways. I have noticed that you have been reluctant to take a view on the election and you have justified this by insisting that you are not qualified to make a judgement. This is a bit like a juror on a murder trial refusing to come to a decision because they feel they are not qualified to make a judgement. But that is why “expert witnesses” are called upon. My question to you is: Have you picked up the phone to speak to the experts on the election result (from both sides), and if not why not? “Truth has fallen in the street” and unless you pick it up many Christians (rightly or wrongly) will find it difficult to take your very laudable project seriously.

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