Posted Aug 03, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Is it true that a Hebrew prophecy about Barack Obama is hidden in the words of Jesus in Luke 10:18, where He said to His disciples, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”?

Although this claim has been circulating for a number of years, I was asked about it again today, prompting this article.

The short answer is: Absolutely, categorically, certainly not. This is complete nonsense, without any possible linguistic support.

The claim goes like this: 1) Although Luke wrote in Greek, Jesus was speaking in Hebrew, so we must translate Luke’s Greek back into the original Hebrew; 2) the Hebrew word for lightning is baraq; 3) the Hebrew word for “high place” is bama; 4) in some cases there would be a u before the word bama (like the u in tube); 5) putting this together, Jesus would have spoken about baraq ubama, equating him with Satan.

To repeat: This is complete nonsense, without any possible linguistic support, but since this claim is still in circulation, I’ll take a few moments to demolish it.

I should mention first that Jesus most likely spoke to His disciples in Aramaic, not Hebrew, but since the words for lightning and high place are the same in both languages, we won’t make a major issue out of this.

What must be stressed, though, is this: Even if all 5 points listed above were accurate, this would not be what Jesus originally said, since “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” is not anywhere near, “I saw Satan fall like lightning and a high place.” The latter makes no more sense in either Hebrew or Aramaic than it makes in English, yet if Jesus said the words baraq ubama, He would have said, “lightning and a high place” not “lightning from heaven.”

As for each of the specific claims, while it is true that the word for lightning in Hebrew and Aramaic is baraq, that word is most likely unrelated to the name Barack, which is probably derived from the root b-r-k, which means “bless.” Although the two roots seem very similar in English (b-r-q and b-r-k), they are quite different in Hebrew and Aramaic (and, in this case, Arabic too; think of the name Hosni Mubarrak, the former president of Egypt; it’s from the same root, b-r-k, here meaning “blessed”).

Some have claimed that the name Barack does not come from the root meaning “bless” and is instead derived from the Arabic Buraq, the name for Mohammed’s mythical horse, which was derived from the root b-r-q (as in “lightning”).

For argument’s sake, we’ll give the benefit of the doubt and say that the word “lightning” in Hebrew and Aramaic sounded very similar to the name Barack. But there is a much bigger problem that remains, namely, that no translator in his or right mind would render the words “from heaven” with the Hebrew or Aramaic ubama. Not one chance in a million.

There’s nothing controversial or difficult here in Hebrew. We know that “from heaven” is simply mi-shamayim, as found in Isaiah 14:12, the original text Jesus would have had in mind when He spoke in Luke 10:18. There it says, “How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn!” (Isa. 14:12 ESV)

As for the word bama (meaning high place, hill, or back), it does not refer to a high place like the sky (or heaven). Rather, it’s the word found throughout the Old Testament referring to “high places” like hills, where the people would offer up illicit sacrifices (see, for example, Leviticus 26:30). So, if Jesus used this word, he would have been saying, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from a hill,” which would be ridiculous.

It is true that the word bama is found in Isaiah 14:14, where it refers to “heights of the clouds,” but that only underscores the point I’m making: the word bama, in itself, does not refer to heavenly heights. It must be joined to another word, like “clouds,” to convey a heavenly meaning.

Third, to try and make the alleged original Hebrew sound something like Obama, the consonant u has to be introduced, making the sentence into complete gibberish, since u means “and,” in which case Jesus would have said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning and a high place.”

Did I say already that this was complete nonsense?

But there’s still more: This whole argument is not just complete linguistic nonsense (and I can say this with authority, since my Ph.D. from NYU is in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures). It is also complete theological nonsense, since Jesus was not introducing secret prophecies about American presidents into His interaction with His disciples.

Instead, He meant what He said and said what He meant, and the search for alleged secret messages is completely misguided. Perhaps Jesus also left secret Hebrew and Aramaic messages about Elvis Presley? Or maybe we can discover hidden messages that will help us win the lottery?

That being said, if you want to have some fun with the president’s name, then try this on for size: When you rearrange the letters for President Barack Obama you end up with An Arab Backed Imposter.

As ridiculous as this is (and of course, it’s just plain silly), it’s infinitely more plausible than is the completely absurd, not to mention impossible, reconstruction of Luke 10:18 to yield a secret reference to Barack Obama, one in which he is connected to Satan himself.

To be sure, internet myths die a prolonged and painful death, but I’m hoping that this one can be snuffed out once and for all right here.


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Jon posted a comment · May 14, 2019
"This requires wisdom." The final anti-Christ shall not be revealed, until a "block" is removed. So, until G-d removes this "block," no one can possibly know." I believe that the one thing that I can contribute to this discussion is the observation that we, as mere man, try to put God's timing and actions into our own context. There will be no news headlines that says "The Tribulation has begun". What God says He will do may take hundreds, or even thousands of years, or it may happen tomorrow. However, given the evidence in this discussion, I do believe that the above statement may well be a "process" that is unfolding before our eyes. Barack Ubama does fit many of the attributes of which Daniel spoke, including the bath houses of Chicago, and Ubama's now clear and demonstrated anti-Christ behavior, statements and actions. Islam is peculiarly defined throughout the Bible as anti-Christ, and of which Ubama clearly associates himself. We may well be in the midst of "prophetical fulfillment" right now, and the revealing of the anti-Christ, and the Rapture of the Church. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; - 2Thes 2-3
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Kermit posted a comment · Nov 09, 2017
Concerning Jesus naming Barack in the Bible ... I have many points to make (point 4 is the most powerful). 1. If this was a fluke coincidence connection of words, your counter arguments would be correct. HOWEVER ... the prophets and Jesus often made use of the play on words and ideas and their different meanings. The words Jesus said, often went over the heads of those He spoke to, even His disciples. In this case, even the straight forward meaning of Luke 10:18 would have been a mystery to His disciples, even if they were familiar with Isaiah 14:12-15. Jesus does not say the exact words "we had a great victory over Satan today", though He implies this. Instead He makes an all encompassing statement, with no followup explanation. His one-off statement included the fact that He was there when Satan was kicked out of Heaven. His short statement was also a prelude to Jesus' victory over death, His eventual victory over the Beast, at His 2nd coming, and the final victory at the end of the world when Satan is tossed into the lake of fire. There is no way his disciples could have understood all this from this short statement, BUT, Luke includes these words in his Greek account, which brings me to point 2. 2. Probably none of the words Jesus spoke, were actually said in Greek. Jesus most likely spoke in Aramaic, and when quoting or reading Scripture, He may have used Hebrew. So when Jesus is quoted, a close Greek translation is made by Luke, guided by the Holy Spirit (directly and/or indirectly). Then we have the King James Bible translation into English, influenced by the Latin Vulgate and also by William Tyndale's translation work, a process also guided by God (indirectly). The point is this, Luke uses the word "heaven" in Greek, which in English and in Hebrew (or Aramaic), can mean "the heights of the heavens", "the heights of the sky", or the "home of God, called Heaven, or the high Heaven, the celestial place". The high hills or the high mountains also reach into the heavens, so this can be somewhat included. Isaiah 14:12-15 touches on each of these meanings in separate sentences. Jesus and Luke summarises these multiple meanings with one simple word, Heaven in Greek, and "Bamah" in Aramaic or Hebrew. With the connection to Isaiah 14:12-15, the full extent of this word choice comes to light. The same is true with the word choice "lightning fall from" or "lighting in motion". This has everything to do with Isaiah 14:12-15's wordings. One sentence captures the whole thing, and Luke records it with no elaboration. But the significance is epic, and this bring me to point 3. 3. Isaiah 14:12-15 says in part, "I will sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:" This refers to the Anti-Christ event elaborated on in 2 Thessalonians 2:4 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God." This event is History's 5th climax (the fall of Satan and 1/3 of the angels, the Creation of the world, the World wide flood, the 1st Coming of Christ, and the Great Tribulation period, ending in the 2nd Coming of Christ). Satan entered Judas and Satan will enter the Anti-Christ. Through the magic of words (by the orchestration of God), God has used languages (Hebrew/Aramaic, Greek, English, Arabic, and African) to us (our generation) the name of the Anti-Christ. If you understand the Hebrew and Aramaic language structure, you will understand that an "o" or an "u" (waw or vav) can be used to connect concepts, with or without the use of the English connector "and", depending on the sentence structure, the content and the (waw/vav) dot placement. So with all this in mind, it is not a stretch to say that Jesus names "Baraq" "O" "Bamah" by name, in connection with Satan. I can cooberate this by stronger evidence in point 4. 4. Revelation 13:18, written around 90 AD says that the Anti-Christ's name will add up to 666. However 26 Z's only adds up to 650. To solve this issue, the first 9 letters of the Alphabet use 1,2,3 ..., the next 9 letters use 10,20,30 ..., and the last letters use 100,200,300 ... . This counting system is called Gematria. By it, Nero Caesar's name in Hebrew added up to 666. He was known as one of the worst Christian killers before he died in 68 AD. Today, English is the world's language. So if you take Obama's full official name, Barack Hussein Obama and translate his name into English, you have "Blessed" "Handsome" bent, bending or "Leaning". This adds up to 666 using Gematria 1 (as I call it). But it is Gematria 6 (multiples of 6, a=6,b=12,c=18 ... etc.) where all the cooraboration continues. For starters, "Called Gematria" = 666, "Called English" = 666, "Called Jewish" = 666, "counted it" = 666, "calculator" = 666, and "computer" = 666. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9 says two phrases that describe the Anti-Christ: "man of sin be revealed", and "wicked be revealed". "Man of sin revealed" = 978 But wait, how is this noteworthy or is it? This is not 666! Well, "Noteworthy" = 978. So??? Here is a clincher .. "Barack Hussein Obama" = 978 "Baraq revealed" = 666 "Devil" + "Baraq revealed" = 978 "Satan" + "Barack revealed" = 978 "Wicked Barack revealed" = 978 "Judas" "Barack" "revealed" = 978 "Called Lucifer" adds up to 666. Lucifer is only used once in the King James Bible, and it is found in Isaiah 14:12-15, of all places. The Strong's 1892 Hebrew Concordance places "Lucifer" as the 1966th Hebrew word (alphabetically ordered). 1966 - 666 = 1300. 1300 is the Strong's number for "Baraq". "Baraq" (1300) plus 666 equals "Lucifer" (1966). "Baraq" (1300) + "Bamah" (1116) = "BEAST" (2416). "Baraq" "Bamah" "Beast" = 666 using Gematria 6. Baraq's in Bible = 666 Bamah in the Bible = 666 American Beast = 666 Israel Beast = 666 A President = 666 Barack Obama mark = 666 Bamah ID number = 666 Obama and Devil = 666 BAMAH'S the One = 666 Obama Democrat = 666 More 666 words Democrat's ID Obama's African Barack: Lord God Baraq O Bamah Jihad Islam birth Baraq to he'll Fire number Death number Image: Barack H Obama Image of Satan Islamic leader Plus 500 other descriptions Plus a lot more 666 connections including his birth date on August 4th, 1961, which falls on the 216th day of the year. 6x6x6=216. The Illinois lottery pick 3 was 666 the day Obama became president-elect (day after elections). Obama is only 56 and can still come back to power through a back door. You will see. These clues are way beyond coincidence. You cannot explain them away. No man or group could have manipulated the information.
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MSmailbox posted a comment · Aug 04, 2016
I've seen a similar controversy, but it was not from Jesus. It was taken from The Apostle John's vision, or Revelation. First of all, Satan is a spiritual being. The archangel Lucifer, who indeed was cast out of Heaven, along with 1/3 of the Heavenly host (fallen angels; demons), is not flesh and blood. Although, we do know that Satan entered into Judas Iscariot, immediately prior to his betrayal of Jesus. So, Barack Obama could not possibly BE Satan, but as we've read of many times, evil spirits have entered into humans. Why else would Jesus have needed to cast them out? The controversy I was aware of contained all the deep linguistic knowledge, which you present... I am not qualified in any of these ancient languages, as you most obviously are. I must rely on those who are studied, in these matters. The controversy which I read and heard of, regards speculation as to whether Barack Obama is the anti-Christ (final), or a "type" thereof (there have been many, over the centuries). The anti-Christ IS a man. His number is 666... "This requires wisdom." The final anti-Christ shall not be revealed, until a "block" is removed. So, until G-d removes this "block," no one can possibly know. But he will most certainly be a man. A man followed by millions (billons?). He will broker a 7-year "false-peace," with Israel. The first 3 1/2 years will seemingly go well. Israel will rebuild the Temple (#3) and the daily sacrifice, will resume. Halfway through this "false-peace," this man will stand in the midst of the Temple and declare himself to be a "god" and demand to be worshipped. This also is not a new thing, as prior "types" of the anti-Christ have also done this. But the final anti-Christ will do this, halfway through the 7-year "peace" treaty, in the very midst of the rebuilt Temple (#3). Come to think of it, Jesus DOES mention this event. He instructs all those living in Judea to "flee to the hills, when you see this happen. Don't even go back down into your house to get a coat!" (paraphrased, from memory). This will be the beginning of the 3 1/2 year "Great Tribulation." 1290 days of "hell on earth." So, since no one will know the identity of this man (666), until what's blocking his identity is removed, I will not speculate that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. Perhaps a "type" of anti-Christ, but not the final one spoken of in Revelation. However, "when you see all these things come to pass, you will know that the time is near." Jesus