Posted Jul 06, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

I recently explained that, as much as I am sympathetic to the goals of gay Americans who feel that they are simply fighting for equality and freedom, I cannot support those goals for two reasons. The first is biblical: same-sex relationships and endless gender variations violate God’s best plan for humanity. The second is social: when we look at the trajectory of LGBTQ+ activism, we see that it ends up going in a very dangerous and destructive direction.

Recently, a man who identifies as a woman shocked patrons at a local spa when he exposed himself to the women and girls there. This led to protests condemning his behavior as well as defending his “rights,” with one protest turning violent thanks to the presence of Antifa.

To be sure, there were many in the LGBTQ+ community who were appalled, saying this is not what they stand for.

As reported on Fox News, Tammy Bruce “a member of the LGBTQ community herself, told Tucker Carlson on Monday that the exchange was troubling to many of her ‘transgender friends’ who found the individual's behavior offensive.

“‘My concern here is that the average transgender person, and I have perhaps more transgender friends than some of the people watching the program, they are also appalled,’ Bruce said.”

So, the trajectory of which I am speaking is not that there will suddenly be an epidemic of biological males who claim to be females exposing themselves to women and girls. (Sadly, this has happened in the past, and it’s another reason why biological males should not have access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms and the like.)

The trajectory of which I speak is the trajectory of social madness, resulting in headlines like this, from the Daily Mail: “Violent clashes break out in LA between rival protesters after viral video showed customer complaining about transgender woman exposing their penis to children in upmarket spa’s steam room.”

Just look at this four-word phrase: “woman exposing their penis” (and yes, never forget that he did this in the presence of girls). What kind of madness is this?

A woman does not have a penis (yes, we need to remind people of this fact these days, since it is hotly disputed). And a single woman is not described by the possessive pronoun “their.”

Of course, some of the absurdity and outrageousness of this whole situation would have been underscored by using correct grammar, hence “woman exposing her penis” (remember the realities of biology!). But using the generic, transgender “their” only heightens the ridiculousness of the sentence.

And what of the dangerous trajectory in which some believe that this man has the “right” to such behavior since, after all, he is trans? Is not this some of the very child abuse of which some of us have been warning for years?

Speaking of child abuse, Mary Margaret Olohan recently posted an article titled, “‘You Should be in Prison’: Critics Slam WaPo Article Encouraging ‘Kink Culture’ for Children.”

As she explained, “‘A Washington Post op-ed published Tuesday [June 29] celebrates and encourages exposing children to ‘kink culture,’ such as explicit performances at pride parades.

‘Yes, kink belongs at Pride,’ reads the headline of writer Lauren Rowello’s Tuesday WaPo piece. ‘And I want my kids to see it.’”

As for Rowello, Olohan tells us that she is a “‘gendervague’ person who is married to a transgender woman.” Rowello “described how the couple attended a pride parade where their children were confused to see ‘a few dozen kinksters who danced down the street, laughing together as they twirled their whips and batons, some leading companions by leashes.’”

But Rowello wanted her kids to see this – “Hey kids, check out the BDSM practices enjoyed by some of our community!” – since, “Children who witness kink culture are reassured that alternative experiences of sexuality and expression are valid — no matter who they become as they mature, helping them recognize that their personal experiences aren’t bad or wrong, and that they aren’t alone in their experiences.”

This is parental child abuse, plain and simple, adding to the confusion these kids will already experience due to the gender identities of their parents.

For good reason Ben Shapiro tweeted, “In a sane society, CPS [Child Protective Services] would already be on the way.”

Of course, many in the LGBTQ+ community would be appalled at this as well, but that is not the issue. The issue is trajectory, and the fact is that it was the Washington Post – not even the Advocate or the Village Voice – that published this perverse editorial.

Yes, this is why we’ve been shouting from the rooftops for so many years. Just look at where this all leads.

That’s why others are speaking up as well, most recently Helen Joyce, senior writer at The Economist with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, and so, not one to focus on LGBTQ+ related issues.

Yet she has now written, “Gender self-identification is often described as this generation's civil rights battle.

“But for a man to declare 'I am a woman', and for everyone to be compelled to agree, is not, as with genuine civil rights movements, about extending privileges unjustly hoarded by a favoured group to a marginalised one.

“What we are facing is a fundamental redefinition of what it means for anyone to be a man or woman – the supplanting of biology and a total rewrite of society's rules, with far-reaching consequences.”

She has actually devoted a soon-to-be released book to the subject titled Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.

Remarkably, the book carries endorsements from world famous atheist Richard Dawkins, who called it, “A frighteningly necessary book: well-written, thoroughly-researched, passionate and very brave.” Even gay activist Simon Fanshawe said, “If anyone doubts that gender ideology poses a threat to all of us – including trans people – you really should read this book.”

The reality – yes, let’s focus on reality – is that something is terribly wrong with the direction our society is going. If we don’t make a very serious about face, our children and their children will pay dearly.

Will we let this happen on our watch?

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OT posted a comment · Jul 14, 2021
To state"Most now realize that there are many, many normal variations of human sexuality." is beyond disingenuous! and patently false!
OT posted a comment · Jul 14, 2021
ALL YOUR CLAIMS FLY IN THE FACE OF FACTS! all that you state day after day is fal·la·cy /ˈfaləsē/ a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument. mere wishful thinking! : /
OT posted a comment · Jul 14, 2021
NOT! what a bunch of whoey
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Really now posted a comment · Jul 13, 2021
Most now realize that there are many, many normal variations of human sexuality. In the past, these people were jailed, chemically castrated, or diagnosed with mental illnesses. Not any more. Why?? Because we are smarter. Well, most of us are. Gay people exist. Transgender people exist. They are NOT going away. They CANNOT, and SHOULD NOT be 'fixed'. They need to belong. They need to be included, and treated as people who are part of normal human existence. LGBTQ kids exist, and need to see 'themselves' portrayed in tv, media, advertising, and other places - just as other children are. Until then, conservative religions, and bullies like Mike Brown, will continue to horrifically harm these PEOPLE. And until then, the LGBTQ community will continue their fight and their 'horrific agenda' - that only asks to be treated like ANY human being should be treated.
OT posted a comment · Jul 12, 2021
Really now (you need to read this book ) author Helen Joyce, senior writer at The Economist with a Ph.D. ! “People are being shamed and silenced for attempting to understand the consequences of redefining ?man? and ?woman?. While compassion for transgender lives is well-intentioned, it is stifling much-needed inquiry into the significance of our bodies, particularly with regard to women?s rights, fairness in sport, same sex attraction and children?s development. If we recommit to our liberal values of freedom of belief, freedom of speech”. This book asks the questions and answers generations of children are in danger if this debate does not happen! Really now your obvious bias is so riff with emotion it can’t be all there is to said ! I have a vague recollection of your story I’m sorry this subject holds so much pain ! This is bigger than you and bigger than me! Because there is so much too loose so much at stake! I’m sorry!
OT posted a comment · Jul 07, 2021
Or was it ! You wanted all the pervy details!
OT posted a comment · Jul 07, 2021
Skwh310 what did he omit that would have made the story “Saturday Evening Post” there was nothing in that article you linked that made it an acceptable action by the trans creeper guy! Please expound ! It was a inappropriate pin head move!
OT posted a comment · Jul 07, 2021
By MARY MARGARET OLOHAN July 1, 2021 Mary Margaret Olohan A Washington Post op-ed published Tuesday celebrates and encourages exposing children to “kink culture,” such as explicit performances at pride parades. The bowls of LGBTQ activism kink culture is not mainstream! But LGBTQ activists want to make it mainstream! Bit by Bit chip away at it ! Really now- skwh310 You want this for your grandchildren -Your sick now I see why you hover on dr browns stuff! Sick depraved! You need help, what you want is not normal your crusade is for sinful world view!
OT posted a comment · Jul 07, 2021
Really now and skwh310 you support and side with predators! That women had every right to object! That was not a fully transgender person with male genitalia in the posted women’s area ! Why ? ___________________________ “If you don’t want your child to see a variety of bodies, don’t take them to naked spaces,” Boyer said.” From the LGBTQ activism group! Pure B.S. back a_ _ ward! This is the dark bowls of LGBTQ activism it even said they were there in response to scotus not taking up case on bathroom issue! so they will sacrifice the children for the sake of a case ? Millstone around the neck..... : /
OT posted a comment · Jul 07, 2021
What Dr.Brown included was more than adequate to bring into focus what those young girls and women experienced and what the trans individual who crossed the line did. You skwh310 you are void of empathy all you care about is being contrary , some people in the world are not honest you surgically avoid the truth! a gaslighting narcissistic neurosis waste of time the issue here is how the day skates along for you and you say Dr. B left something out! : /
OT posted a comment · Jul 06, 2021
Dr. Brown don’t stop, keep telling the truth about what’s really going on! Don’t let anyone derail your message ! The bully’s are just that...bullies!
OT posted a comment · Jul 06, 2021
Really now, SKWH310 Luke 17:2 It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. ___________________________ In this article : Recently, a man who identifies as a “woman” shocked patrons at a local spa when he exposed himself to the women and girls there. ___________________________ Really now : what! these young girls are “what” casualties of your fricken crusade! A millstone around your neck .... for causing one innocent little to stumble! ___________________________ Skhw310 and your all worried about children around the world being oppressed by hobby lobby .... but not children here being assaulted by some trans guy (really now ) wtf (whatthefreak) causing one to stumble those poor girls psychology marred for life perhaps all for your social experiment/ creeper crusade! Sad!