Posted May 20, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

There is a darker side to LGBT theology, a side that goes far beyond seeking to legitimize same-sex relationships in the name of the Lord.

It is a side that seriously perverts the Scriptures and creates a Jesus in its own image... Read More the Full Article on the

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Rev. Randy K. posted a comment · May 21, 2016
Personally, I believe the biggest assault the devil has launched against the Church in America in the last 50 years or so, is his attack on the authority of the Holy Scriptures. He knows if he can convince people that the Bible is not the inspired Word of God, anything can--and will go. That is just what we are seeing in America today. And it is only continuing to intensify. Even things that even the unregenerate would not have imagined happening 50 years ago are now becoming common place!
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brothergc posted a comment · May 20, 2016
this does not surprise Me The devil is after the Word of God , that has always his goal