Posted Dec 31, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

I cannot imagine what it feels like to be the president of the United States. The pressures must be enormous and the opportunities to fail endless, and no matter what you do... Read the Full Article on


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Deancooper posted a comment · Jan 07, 2017
You failed to mention that president Obama is leaving office with a high approval rating and that roughly half of the country deeply admires him and his policies. We are very much a divided country with each side considering the other as not just politically wrong, but downright harmful. And yet each side believes they are doing what is right. Obama has even referenced his "god-fearing" faith for why he believes in gay marriage. He thinks God is on his side on that issue (and that therefore you are not). You write as if Obama will come to grips with his failings and have a change of heart. But I see a man who thinks he very much did what is right and that he will continue to champion the leftist policies he truly believes in. Thus, I dread to think that this isn't "the end of his story". To think that Obama "will learn from his time in the White House and will grow" shows a blindness to how people on the left actually see the issues you care about.