Posted Jul 25, 2018 by Michael L. Brown

Did you know that Jesus was a rabbi, not a reverend? That Christ wasn’t His last name but the Greek way of saying “Messiah”?

Did you know that Jesus’ original, Hebrew name was Yeshua and that His mother’s name was Miriam, not Mary? That His first followers were Jewish men with names like Yochanan and Ya‘akov and Yehudah?

Did you know that the Letter of James was actually the Letter of Jacob and that the Letter of Jude was actually the Letter of Judah?

Did you know that the big controversy in the early Church was not whether Jews could follow Yeshua and remain Jewish but whether Gentiles had to become Jews to follow Him? After all He was the Jewish Messiah!

And did you know that Yeshua didn’t come into the world to establish a new religion called “Christianity” as much as He came to fulfill what was written in Moses and the Prophets?

How, then, did we end up with two totally distinct religions, Judaism and Christianity? How did we end up with two totally distinct calendars, with Judaism celebrating Passover and Christianity celebrating Easter?

We answer these important questions in our latest Consider This video. You might be in for some surprises! Watch here.


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