How Do You Reconcile Belief in God with Science?

Posted Oct 04, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown takes a closer look at the common assumption that science and faith are irreconcilable.


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Comments posted a comment · Oct 05, 2017
I love science and true scientific discoveries and especially working in the medical field is more than enough to convince anyone to believe in Intelligent Design...a Creator. The intricate way the body works, hormones that signal "nesting", motherly feelings, begin breast milk production and labor in child bearing alone are so amazingly complex...and human survival depends on this! Archaeological discoveries over the past 10 years have have so undermined the theory of (Macro) Evolution, it barely has a proverbial leg to stand on. And the thing about the Big Bang theory must have a it!
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Anne posted a comment · Oct 05, 2017
Someone shared a comment on my Facebook page: "Science doesn't care what you believe." But, science, by definition, doesn't "care" about anything. As a religion, science leads to despair.