Is Jerusalem Babylon the Great?

Posted Sep 01, 2016 by adb staff

Dr. Brown refutes Dr. Joel McDurmon's assertion that Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots. He also addresses the larger issue of replacement theology



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Ykh1 posted a comment · Nov 09, 2016
My dear Dr. Brown, as always my deepest respect to you. I also hope that you can consider reading my comments and the passages I put up so we can both dive deeper in Christ. I don't agree with the replacement theology, however after careful study and prayers, and I hope not to offend anyone, I have come to see Jerusalem as the mystery Babylon (and I know I'm just a human that can make mistakes) and I don't see many strong arguments concerning that in the video, so I'd like to see how you would respond to my view. I'm not a scholar, but I believe a harlot, an unfaithful woman, is just such a prevalent symbol throughout the bible (in contrast to the spotless bride washed by the blood of Jesus), pointing to those who once belonged to God yet have divorced herself from Him. Some people may point to RCC, but I believe it has to be a literal city yet carries religious significance(so it fulfills both the significance of being a city yet harlot) - in OT, we see Israel as a nation unfaithfully whored after gods and abandoned the true God; and judaism, can be seen as the "mother" of all false religions - all man-made religions that cause to miss Christ is equally evil and used by Satan, but where can we see Satan first using a man-made religion to deceive mankind and persecute Christ? It is indeed the Jews, who first started in the name of religion, to persecute, even Paul showed that to us during the time when he was 'Saul', and Jesus repeatedly said that the Jews will kill the prophets - and this mystery Babylon is also called "the great city", the only place we see "the great city" again is in rev 11:8, saying that this "great city" is one where Jesus was crucified...! But as it is a mother, it only marked the beginning of all false religions made by Satan , as we see after that the devil begins to develop other religions to deceive mankind -many many false religions. When I read Luke 21: 20-onwards (about the destruction of Jerusalem) and Matthew 23:37-39 (the lament of Jerusalem and its killing of the prophets), does it not match the falling/destruction of the mystery Babylon? Also, ezkiel5:2 stunningly matches the city's (as mentioned in Rev again)characteristics of being split into three parts. Jeremiah 4:30 also matches the mystery babylon's characteristic of being adorned with gold and scarlet. And please tell me, who do you think "the prince" that will destroy "the city and the temple" in Daniel 9:26 is? Some say it's prince Titus in the history, but some would agree it is the beast who will come sits himself in the third temple but eventually destroys the city and the third temple - it will be a great trouble, as known to some as Jacob's trouble, while some flee to Judea to escape. Does this not match the scene of the beast who would turn against the mystery Babylon after using it? (He will be at peace with Jerusalem and sits in the temple yet destroy them later) Also, I was reading somewhere that the specific goods that the city sells as listed in rev18:12, being so specific, are not without reason (“cargo of gold, silver, jewels, pearls, fine linen, purple cloth, silk, scarlet cloth, all kinds of scented wood, all kinds of articles of ivory, all kinds of articles of costly wood, bronze, iron and marble, cinnamon, spice, incense, myrrh, frankincense, wine, oil, fine flour, wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and slaves, that is, human souls") - they are all the materials, which are expensive, needed to build the third temple , as well for the offerings in the temple. Indeeed, it is true. I have been reading this for a long, long, time and I used to think it is RCC then America or just a false system of religion, but nothing has convicted me so much as it being Jerusalem. And I actually feel God weeping over it as I put this together. I'm weeping. You are correct, he loves His people. And one day we will be the New Jerusalem with Him forever, after the old one being destroyed. I'm just human and I'm prone to error and I have many Jewish friends whom I dearly love, and some are really interested in putting faith in a Christ. I don't see believing mystery Babylon as Jerusalem equals replacement theology nor does it mean we despise Israel! Oppositely, while I'm sad, I see this encourageing us to share our faith the the unsaved Jewish friends and all other people . That is why the lord says --- "Come out of it, MY people!" Come out of Judaism or any false religion! Come back to me, your one and only Lord! He is calling them to go back to Him , to share in the norushing of the root of the olive tree (romans 11:17) Thank you and looking forward to hear more of your insightful sharing. His grace be with you.
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john_visser posted a comment · Sep 02, 2016
Dr. Brown says that the kingdom passed from the Jewish leaders to the apostles. But, when the apostles assumed authority, they did not lead Israel but they led the church. Doesn't this confirm that the kingdom passed from Israel to the church. If you look at what God has been doing since Jesus ascended it is obvious that it is the church that is the kingdom. God gave his scriptures through the church, not Israel as he had in the past. It is the church that lives under the new covenant. It is the church that spreads the gospel. God calls his church the chosen, a holy nation, a royal priesthood. Things he had called Israel before. This is not to say that god has rejected Israel totally. He has preserved them. At some point they will turn back to him and then they will join the church as one united people of God. If you look at the New Jerusalem in Revelation, it is called the bride a reference to the church. It is called Jerusalem, a good Jewish name. The apostles are the foundation and the tribes of Israel are its gates. Thus in eternity they will be united.