Posted Jan 14, 2020 by Michael L. Brown

If this story is not “Jezebelic,” then nothing is. As reported by the Catholic News Agency, “A radical feminist group has taken credit for an ongoing series of attacks on pro-life advocates in Germany, including the vandalism of two churches and the burning of a pro-life journalist's car.”

This is the spirit of Jezebel at work, the spirit of radical feminism, the spirit of anti-Christ, the baby-killing spirit.

And it is not a reasonable spirit, one that seeks to change hearts by dialogue and discussion. Instead, it is the spirit of intimidation, the spirit of fear, the spirit that seeks to silence all opposing voices. It is the spirit that says, “If you dare take a stand for life, you will pay for it!”

A group calling itself the “Feminist Autonomous Cell” took responsibility for vandalizing a church in Tübingen on December 27, accusing it of “anti-feminist attitudes.”

Then, “Four days later . . . the group said that they had ‘torched’ the SUV belonging to German journalist Gunnar Schupelius. Schupelius, a columnist for the newspaper BZ, has written pieces supporting pro-life views. In the ‘confession’ letter, Schupelius’s home address was published in a bid to incite further violence.”

Did I say that Jezebel used intimidation tactics rather than reason?

One week later, the Feminist Autonomous Cell was at it again. “On the night of January 8-9, paint was thrown at the church building [in Berlin]. Later, a letter was posted online that explained the paint attack was in response to the church hosting participants during the March for Life, an event held annually in September.”

Jezebel is speaking clearly.

Stand up for the unborn, and you will pay for it.

Hold to biblical principles, and we will attack you.

Interestingly, in contrast with America, the pro-life movement in Germany is very small, to the point that last year’s March for Life had a record attendance of just 8,000.

But the church in Berlin would not stay silent. Instead, it hosted a special, per-march conference “aimed to connect pro-life activists throughout Europe. This, according to the vandals, was unacceptable. In the letter taking credit for the attack, the vandals said that the March for Life serves as a platform for ‘fundamentalist, anti-trans, homophobic, anti-Semitic, mysoginist [sic], patriarchal and right-wing conservative’ speakers, and therefore they the attack was legitimate.”

Does this sound familiar?

First, in the eyes of the radical feminists, their attacks are justified. After all, these fundamentalist, primitive Christian beliefs are dangerous to society at large. They must be snuffed out before they can destroy more lives.

Second, these Christians perpetuate the evil patriarchy. Male domination must be opposed, even violently. After all, the patriarchy is guilty of perpetual violence against women.

Third, by definition, fundamentalist Christians are anti-trans, homophobic, and misogynist. Put another way, “Christians, you must not believe that biology matters and that God made us male and female. If you say that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, you are a bigot. And if you uphold the sanctity of life, you are a woman-hater.”

Fourth, and perhaps surprisingly, these Christians are also “antisemitic.”

Do these radical feminists really care about the Jews of Germany? Or is this another attempt to put a negative, stereotypical label on these conservative Christians?

To be sure, there has been more than enough antisemitism in Church history, but is Germany’s pro-life movement antisemitic?

Not according to the Federal Association for the Right to Life (Bundesverband Lebensrecht e.V, or “BVL”), which responded to the Feminist Autonomous Cell with its own letter. In part, the letter stated, “Fortunately, there are millions of people who are not disconcerted by this nonsense of attempted misclassification, including, of course, many Christians who are not attached to any kind of phobia, hatred or attitude of discrimination, either against homosexuals, Jews, women or others. For all this is self-defeating if you take Christianity seriously and know it.”

But that’s the real issue.

Jezebel hates the message of Christianity, the message of the prophets, the message of life. Jezebel despises God’s authority, replacing it with the idolatrous worship of other gods, leading to the exaltation of self. In short, “We will not have God rule over us!”

Jezebel’s bark, though, is larger than her bite. Just stand up to her and refuse to bow down to her intimidation and threats, and in the end, she will be defeated.

Stand strong, pro-life Christians of Germany! The unborn are depending on you.


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nathanz posted a comment · Jan 19, 2020
Feminists can be either female or male - yes, men can be feminists! It's ridiculous that men would be, because feminism is virulently anti-male and biased. Such as the radical feminists who have the belief that "Male domination must be opposed, even violently. After all, the patriarchy is guilty of perpetual violence against women." It's an unfair generalization and a bleak picture of men. But that’s a common sentiment among the feminists - many of whom practically hate men and they don't mind saying so. Men, women and children are all negatively impacted by feminism. Partly because feminism goes against God's Word. See, for example, Ephesians 5:23 or Titus 2:3-5. Though feminists are people whom we should want to see come to Christ, I’ve grown to despise feminism itself. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say some feminists have made themselves a female deity. Christians and those who care about the family should be against feminism instead of accepting or even promoting it as too many are. Thank you Dr. Brown, for having the courage to speak up against it and for speaking up for life and for what is right.
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Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 14, 2020
“Sound familiar”? Yes, blatant misogyny does sound familiar. The evil temptress is responsible for the fall of the helpless man.
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Swkh310 posted a comment · Jan 14, 2020
“Sound familiar”? Yes, blatant misogyny does sound familiar. The evil temptress is responsible for the fall of the helpless man.