Posted Mar 02, 2018 by Michael L. Brown

Maybe you once thought that the left wanted tolerance and diversity, but in reality, tolerance and diversity have never been the goals of the left, especially the radical left. Instead, it wants to suppress and silence opposing views, and the further left you go, the more extreme the intolerance.

For those who have still not come to grips with this, let these recent examples jar you.

It is bad enough that states have been passing legislation banning counseling for minors struggling with same-sex attraction, even if they have their parents’ backing. But now, there are reports that some states are considering banning such counseling for people of any age. (I was informed of this last week by a Christian counselor in California.)

In other words, it could be illegal for a 30-year-old man with unwanted same-sex attractions to go for professional counseling that focuses on helping him deal with and even overcome these attractions. This is a monstrous violation of individual freedom, not to mention a serious misrepresentation of scientific data, as if all “conversion therapy” was harmful.

Taking things one step farther, “A church in Michigan has come under intense attack this month [meaning, February] after posting on Facebook that it was holding a workshop at the church for girls who are struggling with essentially LGBT thoughts.”

So, not even a church is allowed to help its young people who struggle with unwanted same-sex thoughts. I guess freedom of religion and, even more fundamentally, freedom of self-determination only goes so far. How dare a church do such a thing!

The pastor  Jeremy Schossau, stated that, “‘It is hard to believe how much vile filth has been sent our way,’ adding that many of the emails contained gay pornography. ‘We’re talking 10,000 emails and posts and messages and phone calls. It’s just been virtually nonstop.’”

Ah, the sweet, gentle voice of tolerance and diversity!

On a very different front, Pamela Geller explained to Milo Yiannopoulos that, “Google has scrubbed all internet searches . . . of anything critical of jihad and Sharia. So, if you Google jihad and you Google Sharia and you Google Islam, you’re going to get Islamic apologetics, you’re going to get ‘religion of peace.’ Whereas my site used to come up top, page one for jihad and Sharia or Islam, or JihadWatch did, you can’t find it now. They scrubbed 40,000 Geller posts of Google.”

She continued, “You know what? It’s Stalinesque.”

Geller wasn’t exaggerating, and her example is just one of many.

But all you have to do is label something as “hate speech” these days, and you can get it removed from social media in a hurry.

A friend of mine had his Facebook page shut down for sharing Bible verses about homosexual practice – I mean verses without commentary.

Another friend had his Facebook page shut down for posting medical data about the health risks associated with homosexual practice.

These are just two examples out of many more, where colleagues have been warned, if not censured and then censored.

Even Joe Rogan, hardly a conservative activist, noted how “squirrely” things have become with “hate speech” labelling on social media. (The context of his comment was his interview with Douglas Murray, himself anything but a conservative activist, noting how Murray’s discussion with atheist Sam Harris was somehow labelled hate speech, thereby in violation of Twitter’s community guidelines.”)

Over at Harvard University, a Christian club has been penalized for daring to live by its biblically-based code for leaders. As reported by Todd Starnes, “A well-respected Christian student organization at Harvard University has been placed on probation after they allegedly forced a bisexual woman to resign from a leadership position for dating a woman.

“The Crimson reports that Harvard College Faith and Action was put on ‘administrative probation’ for a year. The group is largest Christian fellowship on campus.”

So, a Christian club cannot require its leaders (not its members) to live by Christian standards, which begs the question, Could the leader of a campus Islamic club be a professing Christian? Or could the leader of a campus PETA club be a meat-eater? Or could the leader of the campus atheist club be an Orthodox Jew?

By why ask logical questions? The left wants to enforce its intolerant groupthink on everyone else. Leftist tolerance is a myth.

Just consider the recent debate on gun control in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on, was any tolerance shown to Dana Loesch (representing the NRA) at a CNN-sponsored Townhall? Not only was she called a murderer and bad mother, but Jake Tapper actually asked her if she and her husband had security to escort them out of the building.

Is it stretching things to imagine that there could have been physical violence against Loesch? We’ve already seen how violent the left can get at places like Berkeley, where “punch a Nazi” becomes the rallying cry.

This doesn’t mean that we respond with violence and anger. God forbid.

But it does mean that we start speaking up more loudly, clearly, fearlessly, and persistently. And in the appropriate ways, as with the new “Internet Freedom Watch” initiative announced by the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters), we fight back.


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Royce posted a comment · Mar 03, 2018
Thank you, Dr. Brown, for this article. I appreciate you pointing out how Facebook & Google is manipulating information to censor & discriminate against Christians. I have to ask the question, what Kingdom purpose does it serve when "Christian" companies, organizations, & other sources are on Facebook and providing more of a platform and voice for God-haters, the sexually immoral, and others who desire to silence Christians and remove the Light while looking the other way when Facebook bans Christians for stating Biblical truths and responding to the lies being put forth. At times, as stated in the article, simply for quoting a Scripture. It seems to me they are aiding and abetting The Enemy much more than they are shining any Light. With the manipulation of information by Facebook, Google, and others it highlights the need to have a platform for Christian information to be disseminated and commented on without manipulation by those who oppose the POV nor disrupted by trolls with no other purpose that to harass, intimidate, ridicule, mock, and hopefully get banned into silence those Christians. Open civil discussion, and even disagreement, should always be allowed and tolerated but that is NOT what's going on with Facebook. All one has to do is spend a little time on the Christian pages to see that. Another thing I hope folks take away from this article, especially parents, is the absolute urgent necessity of being proactive in discipling your children and others. In addition to the things Dr. Brown points out, in just the last week or so an OH judge has taken a 17yo girl who wants to be a boy out of the home, away from her parents, because they would not authorize her to take hormones and I think have sex reassignment surgery too. The time is at hand where every worldly system is now actively, proudly, openly, and loudly formidly fighting hard to snuff out the Light. Silence the Truth. Not only shutting you down from expressing Christianity but preventing you from having any efficacy with your children, other family, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances of any kind. Try to teach your kids when they're 10 that God made ALL humans to be Man or Woman and you're 5yrs too late. The schools have already been indoctrinating them since Kindergarten. So "every worldly system" means just that. The Government included. As for CNN & Loesch, well, Camerota could watch that video 10x and she'd still say, "I don't believe you." Christians had better wake up. When you have a full-grown man standing naked in front of a mirror and saying, "Boy howdy, I am one good looking woman!" And you have a crowd of people cheering him on and saying, "Amen!"; then you can forget about logic and reason winning out the day. Let alone Biblical Morality. Dr. Brown is right. The Left really is trying to silence Christians. So Christians had better settle the issue on whether they have died to themselves and now live for the Lord. Have they reconciled themselves dead to this world and alive to the Kingdom or not? Are they focused on the Kingdom or the kingdom? The Eternal or the Temporal? Where will you spend Eternity? Where do you want your kids, family, friends, neighbors, and others to spend Eternity?
Deancooper posted a comment · Mar 03, 2018
It most be obvious that since Christians are no longer tolerated that we truly need to have our own versions of Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc. I think we'll be seeing these soon.
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Adam Whitty posted a comment · Mar 02, 2018
Thanks, Dr. Brown. I appreciate your repeated warnings. The best weapons against secular intolerance are grace and truth. I want the world to know that no matter how much they may despise my beliefs in Jesus and the Bible, I will always love them and pray for them to come to the saving knowledge of the Risen Christ. He is Beautiful and Glorious and Worthy of whatever injuries I may face. Praise be to Him!