Dr. Brown Discusses Antisemitism with Dr. E. Michael Jones

Posted Apr 18, 2019 by Staff

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justd85 posted a comment ยท May 12, 2019
It seems that Dr. E. Michael Jones' argument about the "Jews" rejecting Logos can be easily applied to all who reject Logos (Ethiopian, Egyptian, Chinese, Arab, German, Scottish, Irish, American.....). So why are the Jews singled out on this? Sure, there have been Jews through out history that have instigated great evil but so have many Gentiles. The common denominator for us all is that we all need Jesus. When calling out evil, debating worldviews and rebuking false doctrine, we should never dehumanize our opponent but recognize they are made in God's image as well and pray for them and treat them with respect. God is ultimate judge. When we start demonizing people we risk exciting violence against those people. Thanks Dr. Brown for addressing this controversial issue in the church and society. You would hope that we as "civilized people" would finally discard the false narratives that lead to racism and antisemitism in particular that still continue today. It is unfortunate that the church and academia and the media and house holds have not properly dealt with these issues and so it runs its course yet again. At first it seems like Dr. Jones was emphatic that the reason the "Jews" are inherently subversive and dangerous to the world is because they rejected Logos which is to say Jesus. Later in the conversation it seems he defines the rejection of Logos as reason and morality and not specifically Jesus. Then he claims that the Jews are behind the LGBTQ movement, pornography, and abortion. He gives an example of an "Orthodox Jew" that was for abortion and seems to use that example to justify his overgeneralized statement. As Dr. Brown points out, many religious Jews are against the things Dr. Jones claims they are for. Back to the rejection of Logos as morality and reason. Why is it that he seems to suggest that the first step is that the Jews need to accept Logos as morality and reason as if they haven't, even though Dr. Brown, and anyone who has any knowledge about Judaism can tell you, that they do have a system of morality and reason that would reject the very things Dr. Jones suggests that they implemented into society? Maybe I am misunderstanding him. Also, why are all the gentile leaders behind the LGBTQ agenda, pornography and abortion not criticized? Why is it only a Jew problem? Another thing that I wonder about, why are the Romans guiltless in the murder of Jesus? Why are they not persecuted as Jesus killers ? (I'm not suggesting they should be, nor anyone should be). Why is it only the Jews that killed him? But ultimately, why is Jesus' words ignored? Did not He say (paraphrased) that, "no man takes my life but I lay down my life freely?" If Jesus laid down his life freely, then how could the Jews all of a sudden have so much power to be the sole responsible party for killing Jesus? Yes the Jewish leaders and their followers rejected and betrayed their Lord but all our just as guilty when Jesus is offered to them and they reject Him. I agree with Dr. Brown that we should be specific when we criticize a group. What about Conservative Jews, or Orthodox, or secular, or Reform...? What about radical Islam, or moderate, or Sunni, or Shia? What about Catholic, Reformed, Baptist, Calvinist, Armenian, Messianic, Lutheran..? It is not wise nor being academical honest and even dangerous to overgeneralize and stereotype a person or group based on presuppositions and small sampling of data.