Have We Sacrificed Our Souls on the Altar of Hyper-Patriotism?

Posted Dec 01, 2020 by Staff

Dr. Brown sounds the alarm.


I have a mathematical training and I can tell you that when you pile one statistical improbability upon another then what you have without a shadow of doubt is FRAUD. However you don't need to be a mathematical expert to come to this conclusion, as the Lord has given us all COMMON SENSE. The correct stance for the non-expert, like yourself Dr Brown, is therefore not "I do not know if this is fraud", but due to all these many suspicious outcomes "this very much looks like fraud", and consequently, this election result should not be certified until this highly suspicious result has been thoroughly investigated. It is that simple.

Has Brown sacrificed his *own* soul on the altar of hyper-correctionism? At this point, I think Brown is doing a ton of projecting onto the Body of Christ. (In other words, it seems that he's pointing out the speck in his brethren's eyes, while ignoring the beam in his own.) This patronizing, "Father Superior" stuff is getting really old, really fast. His intentions may be good, but how are his recent messages like this helping/edifying the Body of Christ? They're not—in fact, I'd say they're doing the opposite. Here's an analogy. Let's say a Christian husband and wife get woken up in the middle of the night by a burglar trying to break in their house. The husband ends up going for his gun, and utters some curse words as he's trying to make sure that he defends their home from the burglar. Instead of supporting her husband in his efforts, the wife starts berating her husband: "John, I can't BELIEVE you just swore! Do you think Christ would ever approve of that? You need to EXAMINE why you did that!! You need to get on your knees and REPENT!!! Are you even still the man that I married???" Then she gets out her Bible and starts beating him over the head with various scriptures. Meanwhile, in her self-righteous indignation, the wife is totally unconcerned that a burglar is trying to break in, possibly killing them both in the process. Instead of helping him, she's tearing down her imperfect but brave husband who's trying his best to keep them both safe. So now let's ask: Would any wife with a microgram of common sense do that??? ;)

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