A Message to ‘Pro-Life’ Evangelicals for Biden

Posted Oct 06, 2020 by Staff

Dr. Brown challenges a statement issued by ‘pro-life’ evangelicals for Biden.


Thank you so much for this message. May God help Christians to see when we go astray from sound biblical truth and principles. This is evidence of what happens when Christians spend more time digesting secular left material than they do getting sound Bible teaching and instruction. Their TV is constantly set to CNN, MSNBC and other left controlled media, they watch countless movies produced by leftist Hollywood and digest hours of TV entertainment provided by secular leftist networks. On top of this, they rely on left leaning, and left dominated education experts and liberal Christians. I’m amazed that they still call themselves “Evangelical”. Aside from some wanting to corrupt the church from the inside, I don’t see the logic of maintaining the title when they are so willing to disgrace Christianity and biblical truth by parroting a leftist agenda and political talking points. Pray for the Christian body.

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