Posted May 02, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Are you shocked by the radical success of LGBT activism in recent years? I hate to say it, but I told you it was coming, clearly and in detail.

Here’s what I wrote in A Queer Thing Happened to America back in 2011. (In fact, much of this was written years earlier, before the book reached its final form in the beginning of 2011).

I stated there that: “civil rights” for some means “limited rights” for others, and that by specific design. As stated explicitly in a teacher’s lesson aid published by the Gay and Lesbian Educators [GALE] of British Columbia: “We must dishonour the prevailing belief that heterosexuality is the only acceptable orientation even though that would mean dishonouring the religious beliefs of Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc.” All this is part of the gay agenda.

Does this surprise you? If so, bear in mind that these are not predictions. They are statements of fact, a recap of what has already taken place in America and what is currently taking place around the world. Even our vocabulary is being affected, as the gay agenda has produced these new definitions and concepts:

  • From here on, embracing diversity refers to embracing all kinds of sexual orientation, (homo)sexual expression, and gender identification but rejects every kind of religious or moral conviction that does not embrace these orientations, expressions, and identifications.
  • From here on, tolerance refers to the complete acceptance of LGBT lifestyles and ideology – in the family, in the work place, in education, in media, in religion – while at the same time refusing to tolerate any view that is contrary.
  • From here on, inclusion refers to working with, supporting, sponsoring, and encouraging gay events, gay goals while at the same time systematically refusing to work with and excluding anyone who is not in harmony with these events and goals.
  • From here on, hate refers to any attitude, thought, or word that differs with the gay agenda, while gays are virtually exempt from the charge of hate speech – no matter how vile and incendiary the rhetoric – since they are always the (perceived) victims and never the victimizers.

 And how does this activist, gay agenda work itself out in everyday life? Much of this is already taking place throughout the country.

  • Children in elementary schools will be exposed to the rightness and complete normality of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender expression – witness highly-praised academic books such as The Queering of Elementary Education – and opposing views will be branded as dangerous and homophobic, to be silenced and excluded from the classroom.
  • Middle schools, high schools, and colleges will go out of their way to encourage both the celebration of homosexuality and deep solidarity with gay activism – witness the “Annual Day of Silence” in our schools in recognition of “the oppression and persecution” of LGBT people and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students’ Bill of Educational Rights in our universities, not to mention Queer Study Programs and the celebration of “Gaypril.”
  • The federal and state governments will legalize same-sex marriages – as has already been done in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Iowa – along with, currently, ten countries worldwide, including Canada and Spain in the same week in 2005 – meaning that all heterosexuals must accept the legality of these marriages and that anyone refusing to do so could be prosecuted for discriminatory behavior.
  • Corporate America will embrace every aspect of non-heterosexuality (including bisexuality, transgender, and beyond) – calling for the dismissal of those who refuse to follow suit – and religious groups will no longer be allowed to view homosexual practice as immoral, branding such opposition as “hate speech.”

In the last four decades, major changes have taken place in: 1) the public’s perception of homosexuality and same-sex relationships; 2) the educational system’s embrace of homosexuality; 3) legislative decisions recognizing gays and lesbians as a distinct group of people within our society, equivalent to other ethnic groups; 4) the media’s portrayal of LGBT people; and 5) corporate America’s welcoming of what was once considered unacceptable behavior. Is this simply one big coincidence? Did all this happen by chance? Don’t these very results – which barely tell the story – give evidence to a clearly defined gay agenda?

Well, just in case you’re not 100% sure, a leading gay activist has helped remove all doubt. Speaking shortly after the 2006 elections, Matt Foreman, then the executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, had this to say: “You want to know the state of our movement on November 10, 2006? We are strong, unbowed, unbeaten, vibrant, energized and ready to kick some butt.”

And what exactly does this mean? “The agenda and vision that we must proudly articulate is that yes, indeed, we intend to change society.”

Or, in the words of gay leader (and former seminary professor) Dr. Mel White, “It is time for a campaign of relentless nonviolent resistance that will convince our adversaries to do justice at last. They have assumed that we are infinitely patient or too comfortable to call for revolution. For their sake, and for the sake of the nation, we must prove them wrong.”

So, the cat is out of the bag and the covert agenda is becoming overt, backed by a movement that proclaims itself “strong, unbowed, unbeaten, vibrant, energized and ready to kick some butt.” It is nothing less than a gay revolution – and it is coming to a school or court or business or house of worship near you.

America, are you ready?

That’s what I wrote back in 2011. Do I have your ear now?

(Go here for this article in illustrated video form.)

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