Posted May 03, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

Recently, a committed Christian wrote to me about how he was feeling in the midst of the culture wars. Things look very bad, and he was down.

He’s been serving God very seriously since coming to faith a few years back, and he has looked to me as a mentor from afar.

He wrote:

“I'm sorry if this sounds defeatist. I certainly would rather people continue fighting the good fight no matter what. But, notice how the Left controls the pace when it comes to the culture wars? They have most of us focusing on debating and discussing the transgender issue almost completely forgetting about male homosexual practice and female homosexual practice. They are always outpacing it seems.

“Between this and the fact that our side has little to no regard for the importance of language based on false premise, it's getting to the point where the only thing left to do is pray. This culture war stuff is becoming way above the pray grade of human intervention. Christians are all over the place on just about every important issue, and there is no such thing as a viable small government Constitutional Conservative movement anymore. Republicans grow government just like the Democrats, but only at a slightly slower pace.

“I could be wrong about how I'm thinking and feeling as expressed here, but I've been pretty confident that for the past 5 or 6 years, my eyes have been pretty wide open when it comes to these moral issues.”

This was my response to him.

“You have every reason to feel this way, looking at things in the natural and looking at the overall progression. Years ago, before I got involved in the culture wars, I saw clearly that we had already lost the battle for this generation and it was too late for change – barring divine intervention. In other words, Lazarus is not sick. Lazarus is dead.

“That was my default, starting point. Yet I felt God telling me to help turn the tide back against homosexual activism, and I still believe God promised me that I will be in the midst of a gospel-based, moral and cultural revolution. So, my confidence rests wholly in the Lord, not in society or even the Church. That being said, if society crumbles around us, I’ll take that as an opportunity to preach the gospel more clearly and forcefully. And yes, I do believe that LGBT activism will defeat itself, but even I’m wrong, the gospel will still triumph in the end, and every day is an opportunity to pray effective prayers and to share the gospel with the lost.

“Forward in faith!”

I hope my response helps you too. May the smile of the Lord be upon you as you honor and serve Him.

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