Posted Sep 03, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

Dear friends in the Body of Christ,


Last month, a long list of serious charges against evangelist Todd Bentley was posted online, leading to a firestorm of controversy and confusion. In turn, this has unleashed a wave of gossip, slander, and innuendo against others in the family of God. Along with this, many are asking the question: Is there any accountability in the Church?


In response to this, I have been tasked by a number of senior leaders in the Body to assemble a group of trusted and respected men of God who will review the charges against Todd and make a determination, in accordance with 1 Corinthians 6. While we do not have judicial authority over Todd’s ministry, we do have the support of a wide range of leaders in the Body, who will be stating in advance that they will back the decision of the panel. It is our hope that this will set an example of a righteous way to handle disputes and accusations such as these for others in the Church, especially in non-denominational circles where it is often more difficult to establish patterns of accountability.


We will be working with an investigator who will help us vet ALL charges. The panel of leaders will then review the evidence and make a determination of guilt or innocence in accordance with the facts presented. Based on that determination, conclusions will be made in terms of how the charges against Todd have been handled, whether he should be in ministry, and whether others are guilty of falsely accusing him or misrepresenting the facts.


While we are deeply grieved that this has become a public spectacle being played out online for the entire world to see, we believe that God will use all this for His glory and the good of His people. The reputation of Jesus before the Church and the world is at stake, and it is imperative that we follow a godly, biblical process in order to set things right.


It is out of jealousy for the Lord’s honor and the health of the Body that I urge every leader who has posted videos or blogs – etc., etc. – about Todd’s situation, either accusing him or defending him or simply airing an opinion, to remove all such material while we give ourselves to this process. Right now, gossip and slander and accusation are flying in every direction, defiling many. In the fear of the Lord, I appeal to my colleagues in Jesus to be circumspect and prayerful, not giving room to the adversary of our souls.


While it is wrong and ungodly to sweep things under the rug, it is also wrong and ungodly to turn serious accusations into an internet spectacle. Following God’s order will result in compassionate and righteous outcomes rather than chaos, pain, and confusion.


Please pray for the leaders who will be involved in this sacred process, as well as for God’s best for Todd Bentley and those against whom he allegedly sinned. (We will be releasing the names of the leaders involved in this procedure shortly.)


May the Lord’s will be done, for His glory and for our good, and may healing, righteousness, and honor be restored to His Church.


(For those posting this statement, may I encourage you to disable comments if possible, since we are not looking for endless discussion, debate, and quarreling. You can voice your affirmation or express your concern directly to the Lord in prayer.)

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David Jones posted a comment · Jan 08, 2020
When Peter switched chairs from the white chair to the black chair concerning the Gospel in Galatians, Paul did not seek out a self appointed panel to investigate Peter. Rather, Paul withstood him to his FACE. If the accused are not allowed to FACE their accusers in the church, then the church is making a serious mistake. If this is set as a precedent then the Church is in even more trouble.
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sartellp posted a comment · Sep 06, 2019
This article and your intended actions disturb me greatly. Being “appointed” by an unnamed group of leaders sounds completely bogus. By your own admission you have no authority over Todd Bentley’s ministry, thereby tacitly admitting you have no grounds to either conduct an investigation or issue findings. You appear to be grabbing the stage of sensationalism to lift yourself above others in the body. Your only grounds for this is a request from a group of friends. Your inserting yourself into others’ ministries is highly disturbing.
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Zebulon posted a comment · Sep 06, 2019
Wise words, Dr. Brown! I don't know what this case is about, other than what you mentioned on air. Praying for a swift and just decision by you and the board, in Jesus' name!
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Romona posted a comment · Sep 06, 2019
Will be in prayer with everyone. Not really familiar with what is going on; but I know the Lord is! Praying for this panel that will be reviewing this situation and the bodies stand regarding it. Also praying that God will do a mighty work within His body. I see a serious separation of wheat and tares going on at this time. Lord please help us to be wheat! God bless!