Posted Oct 19, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

Piers Morgan, the famously pro-gay TV personality, is in trouble again with transgender activists. His crime? He mocked a UK zoo for refusing to identify the gender of a penguin while taking issue with UK schools that claim there are more than a hundred gender identities.

More specifically, to expose the absurdity of the idea that perception equals reality, Morganself-identified as a two-spirit penguin. But why not?When Chelsea Clintonwas asked by a journalist if someone with a beard and penis could be a woman, she emphatically answered “Yes.”

So, if a biological male, with normal male plumbing and normal male hormones, can be a woman simply because he self-identifies as one, then why can’t Piers Morgan be a two-spirit penguin if he chooses to identify as such? What’s the big difference? A biological male is no more a female than Morgan is a penguin, right?

Ironically, Chelsea Clinton was together with her mother Hillary when the transgender question was posed, and Chelsea’s answer made her mother visibly uneasy.

Hillary then explained, “It's a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw.”

In reality, this is not something anyone ever saw, namely, a biological, chromosomal male who is also a biological, chromosomal female. (Intersex individuals do not fit into this category. Rather, “Intersex is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.”)

And the reason this is “a very big generational discussion” is because, over a period of decades, we have descended into cultural madness.

First, we came up with relative morality. “You have your standards, I have mine. There is no such thing as absolute right or wrong.”

Next, we embraced relative truth. “That’s your truth. I have my truth. What true for you is not true for everybody.”

Then, we embraced relative reality. “If I’m a white man but identify as a black female, then that’s who I am. And if you differ with me, you’re a bigot and a hater.”

That’s why, as I pointed outin 2016, if perception is substituted for reality, there is no end to the social madness that follows.

You do not just have a man being named Woman of the Year.

You do not just have a white woman who identifies as black.

You have a father of 7 who identifies as a 6-year-old girl.

You have a man who identifies as a dog named “Boomer.”

You have a young lady who believes she is a cat trapped in a woman’s body.

You have a man who has his ears removed because he identifies as a parrot.

And you have a man who changed his identity to female but who has now had “her ears and nose REMOVED to transform into a 'dragon lady' with scales, a forked tongue and a horned skull.”

Getting back to Piers Morgan, the Washington Examinerreported that, “After a local zoo declined to ‘gender’ one of its penguins, Morgan proudly announce[d] his identity as a ‘two-spirit penguin,’ explaining ’once you make self-identification that absurd, why should any form of it be off-limits?’”

Precisely so. Who could argue with logic like that?

Well, it appears quite a few people could. At present, more than 29,000 people have signed a petition calling for the removal of Morgan from Good Morning Britain.

That is nearly 30,000 people, surely representing tens of thousands more, who are outraged with Morgan. How dare he expose today’s social madness. How dare he poke fun at zookeepers who refuse to gender a penguin.

To be sure, the focus of the petition was on the abuse suffered by those who identify as transgender. As the petition stated, “In being an award-winning breakfast programme with a worldwide reach, one could presume that Good Morning Britain would act as an effective platform to educate the masses on these issues.”

But that’s exactly what Morgan was doing. He was exposing the emperor’s nakedness. He was bringing to world attention the vacuous nature of radical trans activism. He was playfully shouting, “Perception is not reality.”

Last month, the UK’s The Sunreported that, “A video produced by the BBC for school children has said there are 100 or more gender identities - despite GPs recognising six.”

In the words spoken on the video byKate Daniels, a Relationships and Sex Education teacher,“We know that we have got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now.”

As for the Royal College of General Practitioners, it“recognises six genders in a recent position statement.These are male, female, gender-neutral, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender-queer.”

And these are supposed to be scientific, medical terms? This is “the Royal College of General Practitioners” not the “Royal College of RadicalPsychologists”? Really?

But of course, 6 different gender identities, as absurd and ambiguous as some of these are, are not enough. Nor are 100 or more. The sky is the only limit once perception is substituted for reality, and that’s the point Morgan was making.

Of course, I’m all for adding a caveat about those who are legitimately intersex. And I’m all for reaching out with compassion to those who are in anguish because of gender-identity issues, offering them support to help them find wholeness from the inside out.

But if a biological and chromosomal man with a beard and male plumbing can be a woman, then Piers Morgan can be a two-spirit penguin. Why not?

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