Pragmatic and Moral Reasons to Vote for Roy Moore

Posted Dec 12, 2017 by Caleb

If the charges against Judge Moore might be true, how can Christians vote for him?


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Royce posted a comment · Dec 22, 2017
How about this idea? Instead of Pragmatism, a Christian Leader actually put forth a Biblical argument which would be to realize that we ALWAYS should seek the Kingdom of God first? How about asking God to made it abundantly clear what you should do and then wait upon the Lord for the answer. If God does not make it abundantly clear whether or not to vote there is your answer. The point is to do all things in faith for without faith it is impossible to please God. How one approaches these difficult, and even much more minor things, speaks to whether they seek the Kingdom or their own kingdom. Do ALL things as unto the Lord. THAT is the "pragmatic" approach that I believe God commands us to follow. How about Dr. Brown, dear Brother, preaching/teaching that Christians should SERVE God FIRST before thinking about serving the people of AL and the people of the USA?
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words2yz posted a comment · Dec 15, 2017
Everyone who truly knows Roy Moore speaks highly of his character and integrity!! That should be the measure of any man we elect to public office !! As a judge HE has stood strongly for the biblical view of marriage and against abortion. That's the real reason the liberal left and feminists hate him !