Posted Jul 22, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

As I write this article, I am awaiting the verdict of my appeal to YouTube after receiving the first strike in our channel’s history. Yet, in my heart, I do not feel that I am being tested. I feel that YouTube is being tested.... Read the Full Article on

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neptune posted a comment · Jul 23, 2019
I agree with Skeptic. Common sense says to get off YouTube. I used to have a bunch of videos on YouTube, but when I saw how ungodly Google is, I closed them all down. I felt convicted by God to do this. Frankly, I have a hard time understanding why any Christian organization would maintain a channel on YouTube. Do you not realize how many other video-hosting platforms there are out there?
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Skeptic posted a comment · Jul 22, 2019
Hello Dr. Brown, I’m trying to understand why this case is any different from the baker not baking a cake for a homosexual couple. Both are private companies, which have their own internal guidelines on whom to serve and how. While I completely share your sentiments regarding the size and thus the potential influence of YT, Twitter and co. as well as the attempt to stifle free speech and de-platforming people and organizations, I don’t see why the same argument you put forward to support the baker, doesn’t apply here. Also, the notion that YT is ‘tested” seems to be rather naive in my opinion, as I’d assume they don’t really care about your particular Christian world view, the existence of god and his potential eternal punishment or to do the right thing in whatever God’s sight. I’m pretty sure they don’t. I’m on board with what you point out about the seemingly random application of their policies and the rather devastating effects it has on the YT content creators.