Rick Wiles Slanders Israel, Jews

Posted Mar 01, 2019 by Staff

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Sharon S posted a comment · Mar 04, 2019
justd85 totally expressed it. I agree and stopped watching TruNews a long time ago because of the irresponsible and slanderous reporting. Sad that Christians can be so blinded by their own prejudices and pride.
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justd85 posted a comment · Mar 04, 2019
Thanks Dr. Brown for exposing these dangerous theories about the Jews. It seems like so many people want to believe conspiracy theories because they feel like they are discovering some secret knowledge that so many people were either too dumb to see, willfully ignorant to, or that the "elite" have somehow covered up the truth. With such a mind set, these individuals are set up to believe almost anything with out question as long as it is not well received by a majority of scholars. When their theories are put to the test and found wanting they make fantastic claims that "it is just an illusion", "the elites are keeping us from getting all of the information", "God gave me this special knowledge that is hidden from everyone else" "you are of the devil" or other claims that can not be proven. If they use the scriptures, they often twist the meaning of the passages or add words that are not there or take away words that do not fit their beliefs. To me it seems like a form of the occult because these ideas are not based on the Bible nor reason nor observable evidence but rather the suspicion that everything we know is a lie and only they have discovered the truth. It seems to me a lot of these ideas stem from the human desire to obtain special knowledge beyond the Bible and having itching ears that open people to deception from man and doctrines of demons. Also there is a desire in man to find a scapegoat for all the problems in the world including their own. But whatever the reason, my hope is that are eyes are opened to the truth and that this disinformation stops.