Is Satan Omnipresent?

Posted Apr 30, 2018 by Caleb

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Stan Benedict posted a comment · May 02, 2018
. . . Agreed! Even Jesus said to the church at Pergamos: "I know your works, and where you dwell, WHERE SATAN'S THRONE" was . . . at that time . . . "where Satan DWELLS" [REV 2:13]. Hmm, . . I wonder where The Adversary's 'strategic field command headquarters' may be located in May of 2018??? Furthermore, JOB Chapter 1 teaches that Satan travels back & forth the GREAT distance to Heaven, . . . and upon arriving on one of his trips there, the LORD asked him: "From WHERE do you come?" . . Satan responded: "From going TO & FRO on the earth, and from 'walking' [very 'briskly'] BACK & FORTH on it,] . . . incl. visiting Job's grand 'ranch.'