Posted Dec 23, 2015 by Michael L. Brown

Dear Sen. Rubio:

A recent guest on my radio show urged me to “follow the money trail” in your campaign, raising serious questions about the funding you’re receiving from billionaire Paul Singer. As you know, Mr. Singer is one the most aggressive proponents of same-sex “marriage” in our country, even campaigning to remove opposition to gay “marriage” from the Republican platform.

May I ask you, sir, with all respect, to denounce publicly Mr. Singer’s actions and viewpoints, giving a written guarantee that, if elected, you will work against one of your biggest donor’s publicly stated goals?

To be perfectly candid, although I am tremendously leery of the Republican establishment and have endorsed your arch-rival, Ted Cruz, for president, I hold you in high respect in many ways, taking seriously your clear profession of faith in Jesus and honoring your strong pro-life record.

You truly have a gift of speech, and I have never seen you at a loss for words, even when under extreme pressure.

These are qualities I personally admire.

I also read with interest an editorial in a flagship gay publication that carried the headline, “Marco Rubio’s America Would Be Hell for LGBT People.” And while I do not for a moment relish the thought of making America a living hell for LGBT people, like you, I am convinced that it is terribly wrong to redefine marriage or to give special rights to those who identify as LGBT.

In keeping with this, I found your recent comments meaningful when you stated on “Meet the Press” (with specific reference to the Court’s Obergefell ruling), that, “I don’t believe any case law is settled law. Any future Supreme Court can change it. And ultimately, I will appoint Supreme Court justices that will interpret the Constitution as originally constructed.”

But this is where many eyebrows are being raised.

How can you hold to these positions, even enlisting strong evangelical leaders to help promote your candidacy, and at the same time be funded by Paul Singer?

Is Mr. Singer working against himself? Would he actively fund someone he knew would seek to undermine some of his most important, deeply held values?

I know that you said, “I’m grateful that when people donate to us they buy into our agenda, and I’m glad that [Singer] has, and it will help us with resources.”

But can you explain how he has bought into your agenda if you and he hold diametrically opposite positions on redefining marriage?

Mr. Singer has been a major supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, the world’s largest gay activist organization, playing an important role in the funding of the HRC’s notorious “Exporting Hate” report. (I say notorious because of the HRC’s slipshod, biased reporting, coupled with their ridiculous attacks on some small organizations and individuals whose budgets are barely a fraction of the HRC’s budget. See my tongue-in-cheek response to being included in the HRC report.)

Sen. Rubio, earlier this month, a well-known gay publication, the Washington Blade, reported that “the American Unity Fund, a pro-LGBT Republican group founded by billionaire philanthropist Paul Singer” is leading the way in fighting for a change in your party’s platform, wanting to remove all opposition to same-sex “marriage.”

The article detailing these developments was entitled, “High hopes for LGBT inclusion in 2016 party platforms,” giving specifics of some of the strategies involved.

Does Paul Singer know something about you that we don’t know? Is he banking on you having a change of heart on this issue, just as you previously reversed your position on immigration?

Columnist and pro-life activist Jason Jones has also raised some strong concerns, writing that Singer “spent almost $5 million in New York State alone to promote that social and legal monstrosity that threatens tax bankruptcy to every faithful church and Christian institution in the country. Now Singer is pouring money into pressure groups that want to remove the pro-marriage plank from the Republican platform. That’s right, if he has his way, neither political party will offer any protection at all to the morals and the liberties of Christians in America. And Paul Singer is one of the largest financial supporters of Marco Rubio.”

Senator, if you ended up receiving the Republican nomination, what assurances would we have that you would not reverse your position on this critical issue as well?

To reiterate, then, my request: Will you make an unequivocal public statement that you oppose the gay activist agenda of your champion donor Paul Singer? Will you say, “I wholeheartedly oppose his goals to change the Republican Party Platform on marriage and if elected, I pledge in writing to appoint justices who will also oppose his agenda”?

Will you be forthright enough to do that?

If Mr. Singer is giving you money to undermine something very precious to him (his own son is “married” to another man), then use that money well, either as a senator or a presidential candidate. I’m sure every candidate receives money from someone who is not fully on board with all aspects of their agenda.

But in this case, we’re hardly talking about a peripheral issue. We’re talking about something of fundamental importance to both you and Mr. Singer, yet for totally polar reasons.

So, please do something that will alleviate the fears of all those who are urging us to follow the money trail.

I trust you can understand those concerns.


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