Should Christians Keep The Dietary Laws?

Posted Jun 10, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

When Paul wrote Galatians 3:28, was he stating that there are no Jew-Gentile distinctions within the Body today?



Interesting subject

Hi Dr. Brown, Thanks for your clarification on this subject! I had just one little question: concerning the passages of Mt 15:1-20 (Mc 7:1-23), isn't it possible that Jesus is referring to the (oral) commandment of the cleaning of hands, instead of the dietary laws? The oral commandment was seen by the Rabbi's as a later tradition (m.Jadajim 3:2). If that is correct, Jesus would speak against the idea that clean nourishment can become unclean, when touched by unclean hands (and would therefore not be eaten). He would be in one line with the chassidim of his time. Please correct me on this one, if I'm wrong. I have read about these arguments in a theological book.