Posted Apr 21, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

At first glance I thought this was satire, just a clever comment meant to expose liberal hypocrisy. But upon further thought I concluded that, no, this was not satire at all. It was meant to be taken seriously.

I’m referring to a comment posted to one of my YouTube videos which was titled, “London Mayor Cites 'Limitations' to Free Speech, After Street Preacher's Arrest.”

In response to this video, “John Duncan” wrote: “Being a bible street preacher should be made illegal as they often offend LGBT People, they all think that a marriage is between a man and woman only, anyone who is against Gay Marriage should be named and shamed and face a judge in a court, it should be a criminal offence to preach the bible in public, this preacher is a criminal, this is not 1819, it's 2019, being Gay is ok, well done police officers at arresting another evil bigot, the LGBT Community will agree with me, Bible Street preachers must be forced out of city centres when they preach, LGBT Lessons and Homosexuality must be promoted to children from the age of 4 so they grow up to respect Gay People. And at least Muslims don't do this as they are peaceful and law abiding citizens and don't bring up 9/11, Manchester and ISIS as they are not Muslims, Muslims do not kill, Evil People kill. I am not Gay and I am not a Muslim, I am a Liberal and I believe in Love.”

Yes, these are the sincere sentiments of a “liberal” who claims to “believe in Love.” How liberal and how loving! Sentiments like this bring to mind the saying, “With friends like this, who needs enemies?” In this case, “With love like this, who needs hate?”

This is the blindness of the modern “tolerance” movement, the hypocrisy of the radical left.

In the name of free speech, we will silence dissenting voices.

In the name of justice, we will forcibly suppress any challenge.

In the name of love, we will practice bigotry and hate.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Let’s review what this commenter advocates, since it reflects similar sentiments I’ve seen and heard by the thousands.

First, street preaching should be made illegal because it offends LGBT people. And why does it offend them? Because street preachers preach the Bible. How horrific! What a scandal! This is criminal!

The reality is that preaching Jesus has always been offensive. That’s why the apostles were killed and that’s why, to this day, Christians are being martyred for their faith.

In this case, however, the offense is focused on one primary issue, namely, affirming marriage as God intended it (see Matthew 19:4-6). Anyone who preaches this should be arrested!

Second, those who affirm biblical marriage “should be named and shamed and face a judge in a court.” After all, this is 2019, not 1819! We are enlightened today. We are progressive. We have evolved into a higher level of human understanding. That’s why those who dare to differ with us should be named and shamed before a judge. Perhaps tar and feather them if they don’t reform?

Third, in the name of liberal love, it “should be a criminal offence to preach the bible in public.” Go ahead and read your Bibles in private (at least, for now, until Big Brother Love comes looking for you). But don’t dare carry your faith into the public square. If you do, you’re “a criminal.” Criminals should be locked up!

Fourth, not only should “Bible Street preachers . . . be forced out of city centres” but “LGBT Lessons and Homosexuality must be promoted to children from the age of 4.”

We need to rid our society of the evil influence of these Bible preachers and instead start promoting homosexuality to children as young as four. (Yes, homosexuality should be promoted to little children.)

This way, our kids can grow up free from the bigotry and bias that comes from reading the Bible and instead learn to respect gay people.

And what if this produces a hatred and intolerance towards Bible believers? Well, they deserve it. After all, they are evil bigots, and they should be scorned and shamed.

What if these Bible preachers don’t learn to conform? Lock them up. Get them off the streets. Cleanse our cities of these evil vermin.

So says a liberal who believes in love.

And note that the word “evil” occurs twice in Duncan’s comment: first, when he called a street preacher an “evil bigot”; second, when he referred to (Islamic) terrorists who killed countless thousands of innocent people.

So, street preachers are evil like ISIS.

Such is the moral confusion of liberal “love.”


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DStephens posted a comment · May 27, 2019
Many years ago, I homeschooled our children. Sometimes, during public school hours I would take the children to a grocery store. At that time of the day it was usually quiet and I would let them put their math skills to use in a real world setting. One morning, I was approached by a woman who was an acquaintance of my family as a relation to one of my mother's friends. The conversation started off with questions about why the children weren't in school and one of them quickly shared that they were homeschooled. The situation quickly went wrong. She told my children that was wrong and I should be arrested. I admit that I was stunned momentarily. Thankfully, I snapped out of it and did my best to gracefully exit the situation while screamed at my frightened children that they were going to be stupid. After 14 years of home schooling, both of my children had went off to college and later graduated. We must not be afraid to answer the call of God no matter what others may say. This reminds me of Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.