Transgender Activists Treat Parents As Enemies

Posted Sep 06, 2016 by adb staff

Dr. Brown comments on the latest transgender activist madness in our children's schools.



Royce posted a comment · Sep 07, 2016
Very well done, Dr. Brown. Well balanced and truthful. I just wish you'd have addressed the theological falsehood that the mother stated as she invoked God. That being what God sees when He looks at the inside of a person. What God sees all depends on whether the person is a Believer or Unbeliever. If a Believer, God sees the new Eze. 36:26 heart, righteousness of Christ, and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. If an Unbeliever, God sees the Jer. 17:9 heart, wickedness, and total dark depravity. I know that's not pretty, that it's comforting, that it's not popular, and that it's not what many who wish to cling to their sin want to hear. But it is the loving and truthful thing to say.