Posted May 22, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Writing for the National Review in 2014, Kevin Williamson had the gall to claim that the transgender star Laverne Cox was “not a woman.” Not only so, but Williamson continued to refer to Cox as “he” throughout his article... Read the full article on

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kristinechristl... posted a comment · Jun 02, 2016
Dr. Brown, why have you not taken this down? The Charlotte Observer is inaccurately quoted in your article. Why do you perpetrate this falsehood? Why do you give people reasons to discredit us? Frankly, I don't trust your judgement now.
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Glenn Loewen posted a comment · May 24, 2016
A 25 year old hitch-hiker from Denmark was passing through. He spent time with a few of us believers. A nice, friendly guy with a likeable character. We got into some deep stuff including Christianity in a world of "world-views". He claimed he didn't believe in anything and openly wondered why we couldn't just all be good. His view of "goodness", however contradicted basic Christian thinking. He didn't consider pornography or lying to be wrong or a sin. He wasn't offended at all by being labelled a product of post-modern thinking. Looking at all of this foundation-ally, we're on a huge collision-crash course of basic world-views. Post-modernity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Cosmic Humanism and Christianity are 5 of the top....all of these give rise to values, moral codes, and the out-working of basic living....the sexual mess we're in is largely due to demonic worldviews. The foundations are quickly caving and an implosion is coming. In the midst of all of this, Jesus Christ is raising up a pure and spot-less Bride filled with revival and power. glenn
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Rev. Randy K. posted a comment · May 23, 2016
I've said for many years that sin makes people stupid. This whole transgender bathroom saga simply proves that correct once again. It is mind-boggling that people can lack so much common sense that they actually believe men should be allowed to use women's public restrooms if they believe they are actually a woman--and if they aren't allowed, it is discrimination on the level of racial discrimination. Sin makes people stupid because sin blinds a person; it blinds a person to the truth. I this case, it even blinds people to having common sense. The more a person sins and does not repent, the more deceived they become; i.e., the more blind they become. That's how someone can end up believing something that they are doing isn't a sin that they used to believe was a sin.