Posted Dec 02, 2015 by Michael L. Brown

I knew that there would be a strong backlash when I raised concerns about evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. (I did this by video and column.) But it is the nature of the attacks that concerns me, since it appears that for some staunch Trump supporters, you cannot be a strong leader unless you are nasty, overbearing and rude. To fail to be so is to display your weakness.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of some of the comments that came my way after the video and column were released:

You are obviously on Medicare and you will lose it if our economy is not improved. Unbelievable!!!!
This quack is an arm of the establishment trying to keep Trump out.
Dr brown you wimp. Goooooo Trump.
OMG you Evangelical “Christians” are such blasphemers. You don’t even really believe in God. You live in your little Whiteopia away from the rest of the country, you have no idea what the real problems with this country.
You’re a heretic “Dr.” Brown. You’re preaching another Gospel, which is not another. First get saved and then perhaps we’ll listen to you.
Spoken like a liberal. … how blind are these people. Christians like Mike are the very reason why we have lost our Christian youth. Mike allows the world to steal and brainwash our Christian children right out of their Christian faith and worldview. Guys like Mike give the go ahead for the world to trample and put out the Christian voice. Obviously Mike lacks foresight and godly wisdom into the future. MIKE IS A SECRET DEMOCRAT LIBERAL WORKING TOWARDS THE NEW WORLD ORDER. MIKE YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED, EXPOSED, EXPOSED, EXPOSED, EXPOSED, EXPOSED.
Screw you, Michael Clown. Trump is GOD!
You freaking idiot. … You fool. … Are you masochist? Is this some kind of Jewish disease within certain sects of Judaism, that they have the tendency to grapple up to [expletive]s. You did last time in Nazi Germany.
Dr. Brown types are the reason the Democrat party surrogate (aka Republican party establishment) loses elections. …
You are part of the fringe liberal left of evangelicals.
Another beta male necon chickenhawk fraud trashing the man from NY.
Mr. you have lied to the people … and you Mr. making this video are very evil and you are the devil.
And on and on it goes, with one common theme: We need a real man to turn our country around, even if that man may not be a paragon of moral virtue, and anyone who opposes him is a wimp, a shill, a tool of the Republican establishment (or Democratic Party), a supporter of Obama and an enabler of Hillary.

The fact is you can be bold without being rude.

You can be a strong leader without being egotistical.

You can be fearless without being vulgar.

You can take controversial positions without demeaning your opponents in kindergarten terms.

Unfortunately, for some Trump supporters, strength and rudeness go hand in hand.

Worse still, some evangelicals have no problem overlooking Trump’s obvious moral weaknesses, saying, “We’re not electing a pope or pastor or priest. We’re electing a president.”

But don’t they understand the importance of our president having a strong moral compass? Don’t they recognize that when it comes to dealing with international leaders, we need a statesman – not a wimp, not a compromiser, not a man-pleaser but a statesman – and that a president given to shooting recklessly from the hip could do real harm?

I did a poll on Twitter, asking for a response to this statement, “We’re not electing a pastor, but I believe the president should be a person of real integrity. Do you agree?”

Ninety-eight percent of those responding said Yes.

Before that, I conducted a poll asking, “Do you believe the president of the United States should be a God-fearing individual?”

Ninety-two percent responded with Yes to that poll.

Why, then, is it so hard to understand that I have grave concerns about putting Donald Trump forward as the Republican nominee, especially when I believe we have strong alternatives, some of whom are proven political leaders and some of whom are either anti-establishment or outside the establishment?

It’s one thing for Trump to appeal to the fears and frustrations and anger and crudeness of many Americans, but it’s another thing to be able to make that appeal to biblically based followers of Jesus. Are we so easily influenced?

And is Trump the only politician who can’t be bought with money? Can only an independently wealthy candidate run for office?

As I’ve said repeatedly, there’s much to like about Donald Trump, and it appears that there are certain things he could do well as a president. And under no circumstances could I vote for any of the current Democratic candidates.

But when I see the irrational response of so many of his supporters, coupled with their demonizing of those who oppose him (along with, often, the demonizing of the other candidates), this only heightens my concerns.

I will certainly pray for Donald Trump and for God’s best for America. At the same time, I will raise concerns as I see them, since my goal is to see our nation blessed.


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