Location: Boardman, Ohio Republic
About Me
I work for Yahuah Eloheinu as a Watchman and Ambassador and am also of the Malkitsedeq Priesthood under the Kohen HaGodal/High Priest, Yahusha ha Moshiach/Messiah. I'm here to warn the people of the immanent return of Messiah and the coming Great Tribulation that is to come upon all of tell people the time for repentance is at hand, return to Yahuah and He will return to you, seek the ancient path of Royal Covenant Torah, that you may be heirs to the promises of Avraham (Gen 12, 15, Ex 19:5 - 24:11), through salvation in Yahusha Messiah, who gave His life on the tree by the shedding of blood for the redemption of sin and eternal life...Matt 28:18-20, Rom 10:9-11...