Location: Hudson
About Me
Hi, my name is Lydia. I was born again at age 16 back in 1975 at a little pentecostal church in Oceanside, NY . I am a Registered Nurse, with 10 years of my professional experience in mental health and have always had a burden to merge the teachings and techniques of what modern psychology and psychiatry has taught us, with Christian ministry. Preachers/teachers who demonize and wholly reject the concepts psychology and sociology, do as much emotional and spiritual damage, if not more, as those who say Christians should not go to doctors for medical illness/injury...sometimes masking their own unhealthy coping mechanisms and mind games they use to manipulate or misguide believers. Christianity and modern psychological principles walk hand in hand, serving to enhance each other to make us emotionally/mentally healthy, spiritually mature believers in Christ, able to rightly divide the Word and be able to give an account of the hope within us.......