Dr Phil Lye

Location: Brisbane, Australia
About Me
I am a spirit-filled, born again disciple of Yeshua, a husband, a father and a grandfather aged 66 (2019) and live in Brisbane, Australia. I have been a part-time Pastor in a house-church setting and stepped down to make way for someone more gifted in this area as it was not my primary gifting. I have been a part-time Missionary and equipped the saints in many countries of the world from Africa, the USA, Brazil, Japan, Germany and other countries as well. My gifting, different people have attested to this, is prophetic (which I acknowledge) and equipping the saints to do the work God has called them to do for the body, their ministry and service, not mine. I have spoken at Pastors, Leaders and Missionary Conferences mainly in Africa however also elsewhere. I once lived in Israel in 1979 and formerly in West Germany for 19 months. I have been married to Janine for 36 years. I have a Th D. Our lives were radically changed after Janine had a massive heart attack and a spinal cord stroke in May 2018 at home. Janine became a Tetraplegic AIS A, a C7 paraplegic. She was in the hospital for over 13 months and was not medically stable for at least 6 months. I am profoundly thankful and grateful to Yeshua, who kept her alive when the hospital told us on numerous occasions that she should have died. I was called to the hospital on at least 3 times to say ‘goodbye’ however I knew it was not time for her to go and be with the Lord despite the opinions of medical specialists and other people. At this time, Janine needs a motorised wheelchair, must be hoisted in and out of her wheelchair, shower chair, at-home hospital bed, and has many different injuries that require management. I am her full-time Carer supplemented by specialised home visiting Carers trained in spinal care. I am Mr Mum, content as I serve her, my family and my community. One night the Lord woke me up at 2.30 am and asked me two particular questions which after careful thought and consideration, I replied ‘’yes’ to those questions. I told no one except Janine. That said, I was genuinely contented if I never went away again, ever. Later on, one day during this journey the Lord spoke to Janine and 3 other people who knew nothing about what I had laid down and subsequently told them that I would go back with a stronger anointing to the work HE had called me to do. In the meantime I have left that to Yeshua and are contented as we journey together. So we journey together content and at peace knowing that the Lord stood by us and with us when even our own church movement abandoned us as did many other people. I am not angry, bitter or mad, NO, not at all; rather I am so thankful and grateful and praise HIM who lives forever and ever who kept us by his power and continues to do so, ever faithful through our journey which at times has been painful and challenging. It is never how we start; it is how we end running the race with faith and patience inheriting the promises of God.
TB Date: 
Wednesday, January 29, 2020