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raised in Bible Churches...said sinners prayer at 7 after AWANA clubs...nothing changed...19 year old rebel...God reached down and lovingly grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and "everything" changed...Word of God went from cold hard stony bore...to precious deep pools of living water. After this happened...I threw away my secular rock and replaced it with Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill...then found I was preferring to put an album on and "worship" instead of meeting and growing in my understanding of my Kurios. Years of spiritual struggles of all sorts until after being one of the biggest purveyors of CCM into the Church...God started leading me away...all my friends said I turned into a "legalist" though I told them that once I studied Christina liberty for myself, I found I was "sinning against Christ" when exposing weaker brothers and sisters to this music... I threw the music out of my home and it was like someone put new bulbs in the lights...my home had been "affected" by the spirit of this music and I couldn't see it until I jettisoned it from my life....I realized that I was worshiping me with this music because I gravitated to the same "licks" and "riffs" from CCM that I enjoyed from the WHO and Led Zeppelin. As I look at back at the many churches that brought CCM into their ministries I could see a correlation (though never documented it) between the bringing in of this music and the Pastor's marriages, fidelity, pornography addiction etc. go into the stratosphere...ok done...sorry...just watched your rebuttal of the strange fire comments of McArthur...I do agree that some of his observations were not Bible but based upon his own conjecture and sensibilities; however, I being intimately involved with this music and somehow found the grace to take this music to the rail of my life when I found that our two Christian liberty both end with the always showing agape. Also, I found hidden in Romans 12 that we are not to be conformed to this "aion" (age) not kosmos...this is a moving target through history and rock and roll is us being conformed to this age. I also found in III John 11 that I should not imitate evil and the only people who say rock and roll isn't evil is all of us who were ensnared by it as it consistently became an idol in our lives....ok...Michael...sorry for the "hummer" here...just felt I needed to share some of this for I just learned of you recently and appreciate much of what you are teaching to the body of Christ.