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Location: Terre Haute,,Indiana
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81 years old,,retired,,Gardner..mostly veggies,,canning and freezing and drying of home grown veggies. Cat lover and protective of other animal species regarded as non food types. Married to the same man for 61 years,,still living. Mother of 4, 1 girl,,3 boys, now with 6 grandkids and 2 great grands....6 boys,,2 girls in all the grands. 1 boy,,now 20, with regressive autism. Christian since 8 years old,,baptized at age 22. Basic principles assimilated with some infractions such as some drinking of alcohol along the life way, cussing and overeating. Angers too. Always working on those. Tried to keep up a running conversation with God most all my life but of course,,needed rededication now and then. Intensely interested in the truth and real meanings of old Greek and Hebrew words,,adages and idioms by knowledgeable teacher using exegesis. Have been on that road for the last 40 years. And Prophecy.... Our kids were taken or sent to church, they all believe in God but only two really believe or understand the connection between God and Jesus Christ and we haven't given up on any of them about that. Been conservative all my life but that too I've had infractions about as for holding my children to that life style. Worked outside the home in two different jobs after marriage and having children...both jobs lasted about 10 years. One was family owned office. Worked 10 years of weekends as cook for our local mission house. Haven't attended church regularly for some time....because I wasn't learning much by moral preachments that I already knew. But since 2013, after I had cancer and therapies, my body functions have been unreliable and haven't attended anywhere I had to sit in a crowd or small group setting. As to that,,I still have some cancer therapy meds,,take a lot of supplements and vitamins from a complimentary M.D. to effect wellness status. For a number of years,,I helped my daughter and family with various chores because they have the boy with autism, until I could no longer effectively help or drive out of the city to their home. Both my husband and I have tried to help any of our kids in whatever way we could...when asked. We have only one son and family living close by,,the others are out of state or out of country. The middle boy lives with his family in New Zealand. What else do you want to know? I hope this is a private conversation and will not be an open profile article. If it's to be open to the public,,I sincerely would like to eliminate some of the more private info....