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Location: Australia (Victoria)
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Born again in 1971. I have a small, low key bible school. I am non-denominational. Our website is I am much grieved by the inclination of Christians to go to war with anyone who does not subscribe to their pet doctrines. Many Christians complain about the claim of papal infallibility but seem to to think that they are infallible themselves. Way too many Christians seek reasons to divide. That is contrary to the teaching of God's word. There are core beliefs that are not up for interpretation. But so many doctrines will only be proven when they happen. To divide over them is foolish and gives the world ample opportunity to dismiss Christians as irrelevant hypocrites. In the mean time, wrong emphasis, wrong teaching and neglected truth flourishes. Surely this is the last days. Lord Jesus is returning for a glorious church, not the divided mess that we see today. My desire is to be a part of the answer, not add to the problem.
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Friday, May 10, 2019