Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
About Me
My name is Nathan. I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. Left soon after being confirmed. Committed horrible sins along with drinking and doing drugs. I used to read Kurzweil, Hawking and Kaku. I thought scientism was the answer and tech was going to make me immortal. Found God by the power of the Holy Spirit working through Mike Riddle's Young Earth Creation videos on YouTube. I found that real science was confirmed by the Bible. I repented of my horrible deeds and thoughts and was reborn in Christ (Summer 2014). I opened my Bible and read Eccl. 1:18 and it spoke to me. I couldn't believe what 1 Timothy 6:20-21. I've studied profusely and I'd like my own forum to share in the knowledge the Holy Spirit has shown me. I'd like to help lead everyone to Christ, especially the Jewish people. I want them to know their Messiah and know their God, not just know of Him. Do NOT believe in Rapture or Rewards & Losses (crowns) All believers receive the figurative crowns (Christ gave us His Glory and we will be like Him in body, an Incorruptible body. We are made Righteous thru Him and will experience eternal Life, Rejoicing and praising Him forever) feel free to email me @