Posted Jul 04, 2021 by Michael L. Brown

I’m quite aware of America’s many sins, shortcomings, and faults. In fact, I’ve written whole books calling our nation to repentance. But there is also much good in America, and when compared to the rest of the world, America is an amazing country. It is the land of... Read the Full Article on


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A._catholic posted a comment · Jul 09, 2021
As an American and a military veteran, I love my country. As a Christian, my allegiance is to Christ alone and the global community. The American dream is one of materialism- it is not of Christ, who said to place the Kingdom of Communion with God/Love first above all others (Mat 6:33). Here in America, it is seek money and individual power first and everything shall be added unto you; an attitude that is destroying individuals, families and indeed the very creation (environment) on which *all* biological life depends. That is the true threat to America, not abortion/LGBTQ activism. That is the heart of "pro-life/religious freedom" former president Trump. An Indian convert from the Sikh faith, Sadhu Sundar Singh (known to evangelist Corrie ten Boom) says it well: "Looking at the motto 'In God We Trust' on the American dollar one might think the Americans are a very religious people, but the motto should read 'In the dollar we trust.' Americans are seeking the almighty dollar, not the Almighty God." Sundar Singh. Kim Comer, ed. *Wisdom of the Sadhu*. Plough Publishing, NY. © 2000 p. 177
BW posted a comment · Jul 05, 2021
If a persons listens to the voice that says you can ! They will lift themselves higher than they thought possible! Tragically if they listen to the voices that say you can’t rise let me tell you who, and what holds you back and why! They become a victim ! Why do some succeed and some don’t , the million dollar question! It’s an easy answer they are held back by what they believe! I can ! I can’t! I will ! I won’t! . That is why some do and some don’t! It has everything to do with belief ! The sky is the limit ! Glass is half full or half empty ! Your outlook is everything! God, faith, are huge factors! God is good all the time! God bless America the land of opportunity not oppression!
BW posted a comment · Jul 05, 2021
I agree!