Posted May 05, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

In 2014, Attorney General Eric Holder invited attorneys-general across America to not defend laws banning same-sex “marriage” if they could not do so in good conscience, stating that he would not have defended segregation laws in the past if he had been required to.

This pattern continued when the DOJ petitioned the Supreme Court to redefine marriage in the Obergefell v. Hodges case last year to the point that current Attorney General Loretta Lynch issued a congratulatory statement on June 26, 2015, after the Court took it upon itself to change the very definition of marriage.

Lynch closed her statement with these words: “The Justice Department is proud to have been a part of this journey, from Attorney General Eric Holder’s unwavering leadership in advancing the cause of equality to the groundbreaking progress we have witnessed today. Going forward, we are committed to standing on the side of equality – and standing with the LGBT community – to keep up the fight for safety, opportunity, dignity and justice for all.”

What the DOJ has now made clear is that in its aggressive solidarity with the LGBT community, it will wage war against the rights of everyone else.

Be aware and be on guard, conservative Americans and people of faith. The DOJ might soon be targeting you.

This past Wednesday, May 4th, “U.S. Justice Department officials repudiated North Carolina’s House Bill 2 on Wednesday, telling Gov. Pat McCrory that the law violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX – a finding that could jeopardize billions in federal education funding.”

In the typical fashion of bullies, the DOJ’s letter gave North Carolina five days to respond “by confirming that the State will not comply with or implement HB2.”

Should North Carolina refuse to bow to this pressure, it could risk losing $4.5 billion in federal aid to its 17 universities, all because the state ruled that men should not be able to use women’s locker rooms and bathrooms in public facilities.

Talk about an outrageous example of government overreach. Talk about Big Brother in action.

In response, Gov. Pat McCrory said to North Carolina business leaders that the DOJ letter is “something we’ve never seen regarding Washington overreach in my lifetime.

“This is no longer just a N.C. issue. This impacts every state, every university and almost every employee in the United States of America. All those will have to comply with new definitions of requirements by the federal government regarding restrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities in both the private and public sector.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest had even stronger words for the Obama administration, saying, “To use our children and their educational futures as pawns to advance an agenda that will ultimately open those same children up to exploitation at the hands of sexual predators is, by far, the sickest example of the depths the … administration will stoop to (to) ‘fundamentally transform our nation.’”

As for Title IX, which the Department of Education (DOE) claims requires schools to allow transgender-identified students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity rather than their biological sex, a new lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and the Thomas More Society demolishes this faulty reasoning – the very reasoning that is behind the DOJ’s attack on North Carolina.

The suit has been filed “in federal court against School District 211 and the Department of Education (DOE) on behalf of 51 district families who rightly claim that the district and the Department of Education ‘trample students’ privacy’ rights and create an ‘intimidating and hostile environment’ for girls who are being forced to share the girls locker room and restrooms with a boy who wishes he were a girl.”

In the words of ADF Legal Counsel Matt Sharp, “No government agency can unilaterally redefine the meaning of a federal law to serve its own political ends. The Department of Education is exceeding what it is legally and constitutionally allowed to do. In fact, at least five other federal and state courts have rejected the DOE’s interpretation of Title IX.”

It is critical that these matters be pressed in the courts, and we need to publicize this new lawsuit as loudly and widely as we can. Justice and sanity and common sense and fairness must prevail, otherwise the nation will completely unravel.

And while these cases are being litigated, it is imperative that families, schools, churches, businesses, cities, and states stand up to the bullies and expose their illicit tactics. Only then will the bullies back down.

In my 2011 book A Queer Thing Happened to America, I devoted more than 50 pages and 138 endnotes to the topic of “Big Brother Is Watching and He Really Is Gay,” noting that, “The really frightening thing is that it would be easy to write an entire book focusing on the subject matter of this chapter alone, and the book could be much longer than this present book – and this is one long [700 page] book!”

Just four years later, in Outlasting the Gay Revolution, I cited scores more examples, noting that here too I was only scratching the surface.

What is coming next?

This much is sure. With the DOJ’s latest actions, we can safely say that we have moved from “Big Brother Is Watching and He Really Is Gay” to “Big Brother Is Taking Action, He’s Radically Pro-Gay, and He’s Coming Your Way.”

To be forewarned is to be fore-equipped.

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