Who Are the Nephilim?

Posted Jan 23, 2017 by Michael L. Brown

What does Genesis 6:4 describe, and it is possible that there are Nephilim on the earth today?



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Suzanne Snyder posted a comment · Jan 29, 2017
Dear Dr Brown, My departed (Believing) husband and I used to talk about this sort of thing. (Not a heaven or hell issue: just interesting.)He speculated that the Sons of God were possibly a special division, not of angels. Adam was called a son of God. and also John 1: says ' and to them gave He the power to become the sons of God. If they were angels, then why isn't the word, angel used? I agree with my husband's thoughts. I don't know the Greek or Hebrew. But why would Sons of God be mentioned? (Also in Job - when satan showed up in heaven, and they all shouted for joy, at anther passage) and not angels used.. Also in Romans 8 (all creation groaneth and travaileth for the manifestation of the sons of God KJV). As if, those in Christ or Messiah - who 'grow up in Christ' might possibly be these 'sons of God? I consider myself a 'son of God - in a spiritual sense, even though I am female. (because of the new birth - neither male nor female). I know I'm quoting KJV - because it seems richer, more pinpointing a meaning, and more graciously phrased, etc etc. Even though I have read many other versions through, and am currently using a David Stern version). Is there not anything in you that could possibly speculate that these 'sons of God' could possibly be something different than angels? Like a special task force, like Navy Seals or whatever Israel has (bet something)... but in God's extremely advanced (beyond our knowledge) realm of heavenly hosts, that are advanced above angels, that have a special, unique purpose in God's kingdom? Or something? Just my thoughts. Thank you for even addressing this interesting issue. I think it is one of those very exciting tidbits of 'eye has not seen, nor ear heard, etc thing, that God has prepared for us.! I really am writing because I saw you on James & Betty Robison the other night! I am so thrilled about the food bondage book! Food had been a stronghold for me since (long time!). And over the years, God has graciously broken it... or dummed down the attraction for the bad stuff. Its still there. But thank God, I can divert from eating the junk food - if I get doing the things God wants me to do.!.!