Who are the Real Jews?

Posted Jun 05, 2018 by Caleb

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stephen posted a comment · Jun 19, 2018
This is a good video and well appreciated hell will freeze before a Jew turns to the Anointed one Jews are not Judah and Israel is not a Jew Kazars, turks, Mongo Jews. yes So what, Question is you answer is who has Taken A Hold. so if Kazars or Africans or Chinese? but there is only one WAR today, not terrorism, nor Russians but on the decieved and beguiled ADOMIC man. Strong's # 119 and 120 only on the Lost tribes which have never been lost only it identy, persecuted relentlessly under the 4 Horses. now who be the captain, the merchants, the High ones and who shall hide their face from the Anointed Jews are Jews, our casting out was documented under the Assyrians over to the Caucuses Mountain the Sythithians. Ephariam you are far smarter to not mislead or denie the English Isle Manassas the forgetfull Ox Brains and Brawn is our father's Jacob-Israel's blessing Dr. Brown, let us agree and in pray the Beast, jews, do turn to Yahweh's son but Hell has never snowed or frozen. and then the books tell Adomic, who will be pulled down, hunted down, cast down a magic man, a spirit form the dark imagination. but this man. two men are at war, one has no ideal What The .... going on the other commands all TV Congress law lips and livers thank Sir, Brother is not a Adomic or white man but a jew