Posted Jun 27, 2013 by Michael L. Brown

Can anyone help me understand something? I sit here before at my computer with a burning heart to change the world for the glory of God, prayerfully considering what to post to help ignite hearts and deepen burdens and build faith, encouraged to see so many other believers with like passion and desire for the Lord, yet throughout the day, I get invitations to play Farmville and Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Epic. Somehow, this is not connecting for me.

After I post a quote or scripture or article or video, I’ll check back and see that lots of “Likes” have come in, along with “Shares” and plenty of great comments and insights frommany of you, and then, in the midst of all this comes an invitation to play some silly game (or perhaps not so silly game; I have no idea what any of them are), and I think to myself, “How utterly incongruous! Our country is falling apart, the Church needs awakening, most of the world is in upheaval, and somebody wants me to play Bingo Bash!”

I’m all for having fun with the family and enjoying personal rest, and I agree that sometimes we can use a distraction from the intensity of life and ministry. I also assume that when someone signs up for one of these games, it automatically contacts everyone in that person’s address book (at least I hope it does automatically and people are not individually inviting me to play!). And I am NOT saying that it’s a sin to play these games (again, I have no idea what they are, and they may provide some much-needed down time for some folks; no condemnation).

I’m just saying that on a night like last night, when I felt so compelled to write and post and share and help spark the flames of Jesus Revolution in our lives (yes, I often feel that holy compulsion), I couldn’t help but shake my head in wonderment as the gaming invitations came in.

Am I the only one who feels like this?

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