Posted May 19, 2019 by Michael L. Brown

We can learn a lot from criticism, even when it is hostile criticism. Perhaps the critic has a point? Perhaps we can be sharpened in our argument? Perhaps we can be more Christlike in our conduct? Perhaps we have a blind spot?

I remember one of the first pieces of “hate mail” I received decades ago. I had been speaking in a church in upstate New York, and someone handed me a letter they wanted me to read. It was really crazy, full of bizarre accusations, worthy of being tossed in the trash.

But because it was a first, I brought it home to show to Nancy. (That was many tens of thousands of hate mails ago!)

How did she respond?

She said something like, “Let’s see if he has any valid concerns.”

I said, “What? This guy is crazy! His letter is full of bizarre points and false accusations.”

She answered, “Yes, of course, I see that. I just want to see if he made any valid points.”

Thank God for wives like Nancy!

But she would be the first to say that plenty of critics have nothing good to contribute. They are just cruel and ugly, spewing falsehoods and hatred. And I truly feel bad for them. Their criticisms do not touch me at all.

You say, “How can you be so confident?”

It’s easy.

Let’s say you go to visit your aging father, and to your surprise, he doesn’t recognize you. You say, “Dad, this is your son, Max. Don’t you recognize me?”

He replies, “I have no idea who you are, and I don’t have a son named Max!”

Do you suddenly question your own identity, or do you think to yourself, “Oh no. Dad is losing it. My poor father!”

That’s how I feel when the hyper-critics attack.

What they say is so false, so bizarre, so inaccurate, that I can only feel bad for them, making me wonder, “What has happened to these poor souls that they can believe such drivel? How can they be so blind?”

In the last couple of months, I have confronted “Christian” antisemitism more than in the previous years (or, decades) combined – it is really getting quite serious – as a result of which I have been accused of not being a true follower of Jesus (and much worse). Here’s a small sampling:

  • Many lies come from traitor unto Jesus Christ by false convert Brown the GOYIM KNOWS what you think of us and our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST...repent sir.
  • It amazes me how Dr. BROWN always defends Jews what the Jews are the most hateful and destructive people on the planet. You are Either CHRISTIAN OR JEW, YOU CAN'T BE BOTH!!!
  • You should back down its so obvious you’re a Jew trying to pretend you’re a Christian it’s really Disgusting.
  • Michael just admit that you're a fake Christian and nothing but a subversive Jew.

When I read quotes like these, I feel like Max talking to his aged father, being concerned about these critics, not about myself.

What has happened to their minds? They are in worse condition than I could have imagined! Is there any cure for the disease in their souls?

It’s one thing if you and I have a dispute about a secondary doctrine. I will defend my view, but I’ll also recognize that there could be some validity to your viewpoint. After all, I can’t be 100 percent correct on everything (nor can you).

But when it comes to people making false accusations about your very identity in Jesus, when people falsely accuse you and lie about you, you can only feel bad for them.

To be totally candid with you, I’m really concerned about a lot of believers and professing believers these days. The level of deception is alarming.

For example, I will say 1,000 times over that it’s perfectly fine to criticize the Jewish people but if you demonize them as a people, that’s antisemitism.

For saying that, I’m be called a false convert.

I’ve written one whole book – over 300 pages, with detailed documentation – explaining why I reject Talmudic authority and am not a Talmudic Jew. But when I confront lies about the Talmud spread by Christians, then I’m told that I worship Orthodox Jews and do not follow Jesus.

And on and it goes.

When I say, “Honest and fair criticism of Israel is right and good, and true friends of Israel will criticize Israel. But when you spread lies about the nation and condemn it as a whole, that’s antisemitism” – then I’m a Zionist shill, a secret Mossad agent (really!), a denier of Jesus Christ.

Again, I feel like Max visiting his father whose mind is degenerating from Alzheimer’s.

I don’t question my own identity – who would do that? Instead, I feel terrible for my dad (or, in this case, my hyper-critics).

What concerns me most, though, is that this is the tip of the iceberg, and we have definitely hit a nerve.

We can expect things to get worse and worse in the days ahead, especially when it comes to the Jewish people and Jesus.

Let’s pray that the Spirit of truth will open the eyes of those who are deceived and that God will grant them repentance.

Let’s also pray that the Spirit would open the eyes of the lost sheep of the house of Israel to their need for Jesus the Messiah.

Without Him, they are as lost as anyone.

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Princeton University posted a comment · Jun 09, 2019
I do not feel anger toward my adversaries. Only sadness. Sadness for those who have made their Faustian bargains, because, as with all things Luciferian, the time will soon come to pay the devil his due.
Deancooper posted a comment · May 25, 2019
Imagine you are a government employee and someone tells you, "Our government brought down the twin towers". If you say, "our government didn't do that", they will assume you are part of the conspiracy. It's either that or their whole belief system is wrong. It's the same thing. You are a Jew. They say Jews are really bad. You say no they aren't that bad. And so they assume you're part of the conspiracy of bad Jews. It's either that or their whole belief system is wrong. The real issue is why do they believe Jews are so bad?