Why I'm Not A Calvinist

Posted May 20, 2016 by Michael L. Brown

Dr. Brown lays out the basic reasons why he is not a Calvinist.



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shockterdoc1 posted a comment · Oct 06, 2017
He knows who will believe and has predestined us unto good works Eph 2:8,9 and then Eph 2:10. We being human cannot possibly understand all of God but it is clear from scripture no one comes to the Father except through the Son and that is only by accepting Him by faith. There is much else we must accept by BY FAITH that we then can study but not necessarily fully explain, otherwise why would we need faith? We are not God. I do encourage dialogue but I don't pay much attention to those who are not saved.
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OldNorweejan posted a comment · May 29, 2016
I have to say that I believe all points of the TULIP; however, I was a dogmatic pompous dweeb for 30 years over this subject and would call myself a 3.75% to 4% Calvinist until I was forced to go to a reformed church in a community I moved into; consequently, I had to sit and get a steady diet of this teaching and found they were just as wrong as you all are...both sides defer to "IOSTRS"...meaning "It Only Stands To Reason"...if we listen to both sides argue for their positions they will say, or you can interject into their postulations, "well it only stands to reason that this is true" etc. This is relying on our sin cursed abilities to reason without distortion (which I struggle to be too impressed with any men on this planet); consequently, I go to Scripture and find Scripture supporting both sides of each argument and I must embrace them both...,makes me feel puny and inadequate; however, how else should a clay pot feel when pondering God? Its a "both-and" without any IOSTRS not an "either-or"...I found once I got to this place, all arguing ended and I could fellowship (as I should) effortlessly with both sides...Scripture over and over tells us not to "krino" each other and I believe we are doing just that when we jerk each other around on this dogmatic merry go round.
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TheGman1964 posted a comment · May 25, 2016
I am not a Calvinist either but I think that it is useless to argue against God's sovereign choice of some to be his people and others being left to themselves. The reason it is useless is it is exactly what God has done, and we see that even in the story of the flood. He chose eight and left the others to be destroyed. Does this mean that people don't have the freedom to choose, yes and no. Yes people do have the freedom to choose, and if left to themselves they will choose sin. No, in that only God has complete freedom to choose, with nothing distorting his choice. Man on the other side, as a problem called sin which makes him a slave to his sinful choices. God must perform a miracle so that man can make a free choice to believe in Him. Why God chooses to do this for those who are called his elect, and not for all. I don't know, I am just glad He chooses anybody. The Bible teaches both that man has a responsibility to choose and that God is sovereign over all. To negate one or to emphasis one over the other is when the trouble begins. Lets stay away from labels and just teach the Bible. There is a mystery to it, just like there is a mystery to God. We don;'t understand the Trinity, yet we believe it to be true. We have a hard time understanding how Jesus can be both God and a man at the same time, yet we believe it. Even the Bible itself is both divine and of human origin....all a mystery. Blessings to you all, Gordon.
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Troy Geddes posted a comment · May 25, 2016
http://ru-noble.com/2/post/2016/04/romans-913.html This is a blog post I believe explains why NOBODY should be a Calvinist.
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mrluislopez posted a comment · May 25, 2016
Dr. Brown, I agree with you that we all have the free will to choose to accept Christ or not. On the issue of pre-destination; Since God knows each of us intimately, He also knows our future. He knows if we are going to sin. That being said, since he knows our past, present, and "Future," He knows if we will accept Him into our hearts. Therefore, when I hear the term "Re-Destination," it does not tell me that we are pre-selected by God to be saved or to be damned to Hell. To me it means that He, our sovereign Lord, knows which ones of us will accept Jesus into our lives. In the end, it is our choice to accept God. We must remember, God gave us free will for a purpose. He does not want us to love Him like little robots that are programmed to love Him. He wants us to freely choose to love Him. Am I right on this?