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Talking About Our Doubts (July 12, 2022)

Do the Hollywood Superheroes Point to Jesus? (May 3, 2022)

Should We Expect Miracles Today? An interview with Prof. J.P. Moreland

If You Love Brady Goodwin Watch This

Rallying Believers to Stand for Sound Doctrine

Responding to Serious Objections to the Bible

Dr. Brown Talks With Scholars Episode 4: Prof. James Beverely

Why Jehovah’s Witness are Losing Members: An Interview with James Beverley

No Salvation Without Repentance

Dr. Brown Talks With Scholars Episode 2: Prof. Richard Averbeck

Dr. Brown Responds to John Piper's Son About the Bible

Dr. Brown Addresses Larry King's Lost Faith

A Caller's Struggle With His Family Converting To Islam

What Can We Learn About God through Creation?

Fundamentals of Apologetics

Why Apologetics Matters

Is Allah a Heavenly Father in Islam?

David Wood Interview

How to Witness to a Muslim?

10-Year-Old Caller: How Was God Created?

How Are Women Treated in Islam?

How Has Islam Been Spread Throughout the Centuries?

Has the Quran Been ‘Perfectly Preserved’?

Do Muslims Have Assurance of Salvation?

Who is Jesus in Islam?

Debate: Is Muhammad Prophesied in Deuteronomy 18? Dr. Brown vs. Nadir Ahmed

Muhammad In the Bible? (Dr. Brown and David Wood Livestream)

Resolving Apparent Contradictions in the Gospels

Answering Islam: an interview with Daniel Janosik

Leaving Mormonism: Interview with Former Mormon Professor Lynn Wilder

Why Im Not Dogmatic on the Creation Account

The Problem of Suffering

Debate: Was Slavery in the OT Morally Permissible?

Dr. Hugh Ross Talks About the Creator and the Cosmos

Miracles: An Interview With Professor Craig Keener

Truth Is Directly Tied To Evidence

A Missionary to the Muslim World Weighs in on James White's Interfaith Dialogue

A Debate On What Constitutes Authentic Islam

Should a Christian Have an Interfaith Dialogue with a Muslim?

Are There Really Peace-Loving Muslims?


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