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Biblical Languages / Translations

Were the Gospels Written in Hebrew? (July 14, 2022)

Did Christian Translators Twist the Meaning of Isaiah's Words? Dr. Brown Responds to Rabbi Singer

Dr. Brown Answers Your Hebrew, Greek, and Bible Questions

Why Did the New Testament Writers Often Quote the Greek Septuagint Instead of the Hebrew?

Revisiting the Passion Translation

Can We Trust Modern Bible Translations?

Was the New Testament Originally Written in Aramaic?

Responding to Serious Objections to the Bible

Are There Secret Pictographic Meanings in the Letters of the Hebrew Bible?

Digging into the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures

Dr. Brown Talks With Scholars Episode 2: Prof. Richard Averbeck

What is the Meaning of "See Seed" in Isaiah 53:10? Dr. Brown Responds to Rabbi Singer

Why Is the Protestant Bible Shorter than the Catholic Bible?

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions about Bible Translations

What is the Right Translation of Isaiah 9:5(6)? Dr. Brown Responds to Rabbi Singer

Did Bible Translators Invent the Word "Homosexuality?"

Answering Your Hebrew and Greek Questions

Why Isn’t the Gospel of Thomas in the Bible?

Does God Punish the Children for the Sins of the Parents?

Is it Wrong to Read the NIV?

Does the Masoretic Text Teach 'Dominion Theology'?

Why Were Some Books Left Out Of The Bible?

Is God A Pagan Word?

What is the Difference Between Logos and Rhema?

Dr Brown Answers Your Hebrew And Greek Questions

Insights into the Hebrew Language

Why the Maccabees Aren't in the Bible

Who Decided What Books Are in the Bible?

Can we trust the Bible?

The Real Truth About the Paleo Hebrew Script

King James Translators Refute KJV Onlyism

Dr Brown Refutes 'King James Only'

What is the Best English Bible Translation?

Is the New Testament Reliable?

Dr. Michael Heiser: Mistranslations in the New World Translation (Jehovah Witness)

Interview with Dr. James White on the Reliability of the Text of the Scriptures

Who in the World Is Yahshua? Is the Name 'Jesus' Really Related to the Name 'Zeus'?


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