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Relentlessly Pursuing Truth

As a Jewish, new believer I was confronted with, what felt like, impossible questions about my new faith, Jewish identity, the Bible, and more. They were questions that rocked my faith and I felt ill-equipped to answer them. Because of that, I made it my mission to equip others. That passion drives me to continue to study, to find reliable answers, and to share them with you.

Every day, I wake up with a heart burning to change the world. To see the church awake. To see my Jewish people come to faith. Join me in this mission!

Asking, Seeking, and Finding... since 1971

Dr Michael L. Brown became a believer in Jesus in 1971 as a sixteen year-old, heavy drug-using, Jewish rock drummer. Since then, he has become a national and international speaker on themes of spiritual renewal and cultural reformation, and is considered to be the world’s foremost Messianic Jewish apologist.

  • Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University
  • Founder and president of AskDrBrown Ministries & FIRE School of Ministry Online
  • Visiting and adjunct professor at Southern Evangelical Seminary, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (Charlotte), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Fuller Theological Seminary, Denver Theological Seminary, the King’s Seminary, and Regent University School of Divinity
  • Contributor to numerous academic publications, including the Oxford Dictionary of Jewish Religion; the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, and more.
  • 2,000+ syndicated op-ed articles published in the Christian Post, Daily Wire, The Stream, Townhall, Newsweek, Haaretz, and elsewhere.
  • Host of the Line of Fire daily broadcast, rated in the top 0.5% of podcasts worldwide.
  • Creator and author of the five-volume series Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus.
  • Bestselling author of more than 40 books.

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Michael Brown is one of the most articulate and trusted voices in the Christian community today, and that’s why his new book, The Silencing of the Lambs, is so timely and important. Every believer should read this well-researched resource to understand the direction of woke culture and gain the knowledge to engage with it from a biblical perspective. This should be required reading for every serious Christian.

—Phil Cooke, PhD

Author; Media Producer; Cofounder, Cooke Media Group


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